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London Mathematical Society and EPSRC Short Instructional Course - Model Theory
University of Leeds
18-23 July 2010

Organiser: Dugald Macpherson

Course outline and prerequisites

Model theory is a branch of mathematical logic which studies the extent to which properties of mathematical structures can be expressed in formal logical languages. It has an internal theory (for example, stability theory and generalisations) and widespread interaction with other parts of mathematics. This course will develop both the pure theory, and some connections to real and complex algebraic and analytic geometry.

There will be three main series, each with 5 lectures.

I Introduction to geometric stability theory (David Evans, UEA)

  Background reading for Course I

  Course notes

II Introduction to o-minimality with applications (Marcus Tressl, Manchester)

  Background reading for Course II

  Course notes

III Geometric stability and Zariski geometries (Boris Zilber, Oxford)

  Course slides

These will be complemented by examples/questions sessions run by Jonathan Kirby (UEA) and Gareth Jones (Manchester), and by one-off lectures by Angus Macintyre (QMUL), Jonathan Pila (Bristol), and Anand Pillay (Leeds).

The course is intended for PhD students in model theory, for PhD students in other areas of logic with an interest in model theory, and for PhD students in other areas of mathematics whose work may interact with model theory. It may also be of interest to postdoctoral researchers. Some background in first order logic (e.g. compactness and applications) will be assumed.

Provisional Timetable

Abstracts of lectures

Arrival and Practical Arrangements


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The event is one of the London Mathematical Scoiety and the EPSRC Short Instructional Courses, with financial support from the London Mathematical Scoiety and the EPSRC funding.

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