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  • School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
  • Telephone number for enquiries: (0113) 343 5130 or (0113) 343 5131
  • Fax: (0113) 343 5090




  • The School of Mathematics is at the heart of the University Campus. The main entrance to the campus, next to the Parkinson Building (illustrated), is on Woodhouse Lane, just north of Leeds city centre. The road continues north-west to Headingley, and onwards as the A660 to Otley and Skipton.
  • The walk from the city centre to the University takes about 15 minutes.
  • Buses from the Leeds railway station: When you leave the railway station you will find yourself in City Square. Across the square to your left is the main Post Office. The street which runs to the right of the Post Office as you look at it is Infirmary Street, where there are many bus stands. All buses from stand B (except limited stop buses whose numbers are prefixed by X) go to the main entrance of the University.
  • From the Leeds bus station: The long distance bus station is adjacent to the local bus station. Local bus routes 28, 93C, 96 , 97, 655 and 731 all go past the main entrance of the University. There is also a taxi rank.
  • There is a free city bus running every few minutes from 6.30am to 7.30pm Mondays to Saturdays. It links Leeds' rail and bus stations, business and shopping districts, the General Infirmary, Universities and Park Lane College. (Download the free city bus leaflet.)
  • From Leeds-Bradford airport: There is a regular bus service from Leeds-Bradford airport to the City Centre. A taxi from the airport to the University will cost between £10 and £15.
  • From Manchester airport: There is a train service from the Manchester airport railway station to Leeds railways station. Trains run once each hour and takes about 75 minutes. The train is called the "Transpennine Express", although it is not very fast.
  • Trains from London (King's Cross): From King's Cross railway station there is a direct and fast train to Leeds. The average journey time is 140 minutes. Note that the full train fare is rather expensive. If you book the ticket at least one week in advance the price is substantially reduced. It is generally better to buy a "return" ticket, rather than a single ticket for the journey to Leeds and a separate ticket for the journey from Leeds back to London.
  • Travelling by road from the south, west and east: Follow signs to the University or to Headingley, Otley or Skipton via the A660. It is best to avoid the Leeds City Centre by using the inner Ring Road, using the exit signposted as leading to the University. You should eventually find yourself on the A660 travelling north west from the city centre towards Headingley, Otley and Skipton. The white Parkinson Tower is clearly visible on your left as you approach the main entrance to the University.
  • Travelling by road from the north: You should aim to approach the city centre along the A660. If you approach Leeds along the A61 you should turn right when you reach the Outer Ring Road (A6120), and follow the Ring Road until you reach the A660, when you should turn left and head towards the city centre. If you approach Leeds along the A65, turn left at the Ring Road (A6120), and then right when you reach the A660. The University is about 4km from the Ring Road on the A660. Just before you reach the University you will pass a park on the right hand side of the road, with open ground on the left hand side.
Last updated: Sat 16 Feb 2008