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30th Mathematics Teachers and Advisers Conference
1.30 - 5pm, Tuesday 28 June 2011
Schoool of Mathematics, University of Leeds

We have a long history of developing and maintaining contact with teachers in schools via this conference, our annual Sixth Form Conference, Mathematics Lectures in Schools and other promotional activities.

The teachers conference provides an interface between the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds and teachers in schools and sixth forms.

Teachers and university staff alike are given a rare opportunity to exchange valuable experiences and re-invigorate their perspectives on the ever-changing world of mathematics education.

There are no fees to be charged and for registration please send your contact details (name, address of school or college, telephone and email) to: D.Lesnic@leeds.ac.uk


13.30 - 14.30 Neil Buckley (AQA Chair of Examiners Mathematics) and John Monaghan (Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Leeds)
"Introducing more proof into A-level examinations"

ABSTRACT. Recommendation 4.5 of the Smith Report includes "pupils should be presented with greater challenges ...  a greater facility in mathematical reasoning (including proof) and an ability to engage in multi-step reasoning". We were two members of a team charged with designing and implementing an A-level Mathematics programme to meet Recommendation 4.5.
We will talk about planning, successes and problems arising in a five year project to pilot A-level mathematics with particular regard to introducing more proof into examinations. We hope to raise issues for discussion on what is meant by proof at this level.

14.30 - 15.00 Tea/Coffee Break

15.00 - 16.00
Lydia Showan (National STEM Centre)

"National STEM Centre"

ABSTRACT. The presentation will address the economic and polical motivation to addressing STEM education and how the DTI STEM Programme Report led to the Gatsby Charitable Foundation founding the National STEM Centre. We will look at what the National STEM Centre has to offer teachers and lecturers both in terms of the physical facilities and a demonstration of the website for signposting support for STEM education and the eLibrary for free access to engaging and inspiring resources for teaching STEM subjects.

16.00 - 17.00 Alexandre Borovik (University of Manchester)

"The eternal cycle of mathematics"

ABSTRACT. Our civilisation owes its existence to the eternal cycle of reproduction: Autumn's harvest is the next Spring's seed; a disciple steps in for his teacher. In my talk, I will look at the cycle of reproduction of mathematics as a cultural system and a professional community at all its levels:

school - university - teacher training - CPD - school

and will try to address the question: what kind of mathematics and how should be taught at school and at university in order to facilitate the smooth working of the cycle? I will argue that potential future teachers should be exposed to, and get first taste of, "pedagogically oriented" mathematics during their school years and that this currently neglected stream of mathematics should recieve full attention in university level mathematics education.


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