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Inaugural Lectures
Research Visitors' Centre, School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
Wednesday 30 September 2009

School of Mathematics

Professor Keith Moffatt, FRS
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,
University of Cambridge

Spinning Toys and Chiral Dynamics

Abstract: This lecture will be based on demonstrations of three phenomena: rattleback reversals, the 'rising egg', and the finite-time singularity of Euler's disc;  each of these provides a prototype of behaviour that is frequently encountered in the much more complex context of rotating fluid systems.  In particular, the rattleback provides a simple prototype of 'chiral dynamics' for which coriolis effects interact with the chirality (i.e. lack of reflexional symmetry) of the dynamical system. The behaviour of all three toys is critically dependent on weak frictional (dissipative) effects.

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