Research Visitors' Centre Visitor Programme

Programme 2013

30 January
John Derrick memorial event
Michael Rathjen
6 March
Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Day
Martin Speight
15 - 16 March
Leeds Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrability entitled “Integrable Algorithms: New Frontiers in Numerical Analysis”
Allan Fordy
19 March
British Inverse Problems Workshop
Daniel Lesnic
9 - 12 April
British Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2013
Oliver Harlen, David Hughes, Rob Sturman
5 June
CoSyDy Meeting
Mauro Mobilia
1 - 2 July
Mini Workshop on Quantum Computing: a Quantum Group Approach
Zoltan Kadar
2 - 4 July
32nd LASR Workshop
Arief Gusnanto, Kanti Mardia, Jochen Voss
11 - 13 September
Workshop on Mirror Symmetry and Cluster Algebras
Joseph Grant, Robert Marsh, Alison Parker, Konstanze Rietsch
23 - 24 September
QOP Meeting on "Quantum (semi)groups and (co)actions"
Matthew Daws
24 September
Subjective inference and uncertainty quantification meeting
John Paul Gosling

Programme 2014

13 - 15 January
British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference
Daniel Wood, Robert Barham, Joel Nagloo, Lovkush Agarwal, Ricardo Bello Aguirre, Davide Penazzi
4 - 8 August
Leonid Bogachev

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