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General Information

The seminar this year will be on Tuesdays at 3pm in MALL1, in the physics research deck.

Call for speakers (7 October 2014)

The Leeds Pure Mathematics Postgraduate Seminar will be organized this year by Anja Komatar in the Autumn term and Raphael Bennett-Tennenhaus in the Spring term. Speakers who wish to give a talk are always welcome, do contact us by clicking on the links provided above.

We welcome speakers who have already prepared a seminar and are able to speak within the next few weeks, or those who are willing to speak, but need some time to prepare, let us know and will give you a place later in the term.

Schedule (Spring Term)

Schedule (Autumn Term)

Further Information

About the Pure Postgraduate Seminar: The Pure Postgraduate Seminar is a seminar series given by postgraduate students for an audience consisting mostly of other postgraduate students. Talks are about 50 minutes long. It is an excellent opportunity to get some experience in giving a presentation in an informal and pressure-free atmosphere, and at the same time share some captivating bit of mathematics with your fellow postgraduate students. You can but you do not need to talk about your own research. In fact many speakers prefer to talk about an entirely different topic, such as a nice bit of recreational mathematics or a proof that is elegant yet not widely known. In this view, we also positively encourage contributions from applied or statistics postgraduates, who want to speak about a pure topic.

For the academic year 2014-2015, the seminar is organised by Anja Komatar in the Autumn term and Raphael Bennett-Tennenhaus in the Spring term.


Some photos from past seminars are in the gallery here.

Previous years

Leeds/Manchester Combined Seminar

Once a year we hope to have a joint seminar with Manchester pure maths postgrads. This will take the form of an afternoon of short talks by Leeds and Manchester students, followed by dinner and quality time at the pub.

The last Leeds/Manchester joint postgrad seminar was in 2009 in Leeds.