Pure Postgraduate Seminar (previous talks)

12.05.06 First Joint Leeds-Manchester Postgraduate Seminar, University of Manchester.

23.03.06 Daniel S. Littlestone: "Affine Area Parallels and Symmetry Sets".
16.03.06 Mariya Soskova: "Hilbert's Tenth Problem".
09.03.06 Paul Ramsden: "The Kakeya Problem".
23.02.06 Manuel de la Rosa: "Two Open Questions".
16.02.06 Stephen Barclay: "The Baire Category Theorem".
09.02.06 Richard Marshall: "A Class of Transformations with Possible Applications in Cryptography".
02.02.06 David Knipe: "Set Theory for Dummies".
26.01.06 Pietro dello Stritto: "Buildings".

08.12.05 Graham Murphy: "Catalan Numbers".
Bahareh Afshari: "Maximal Set Construction".
27.10.05 Gareth Boxall: "Generalised Farey Series".
20.10.05 Elliott Spoors: "Logic in the Early 20th Century: Hilbert and Gödel".
13.10.05 David Pauksztello: "Galois Theory and some Nutritious Applications" .
06.10.05 Elliott Spoors: "The `How To Give Good Talks' Talk".

26.05.05 Paul Lawson: "Some nutritious sets of integers".
12.05.05 Elliott Spoors: "Predicate Arithmetic"
21.04.05 Matt Daws: "A Very Quick Introduction To The Philosophy Of Mathematics"
10.03.05 Bruno Simoes: "Harmonic Morphisms"
03.03.05 Zen Harper: "Yet More Exciting, Nutritious Analysis"

25.11.04 Dominic Pinto: "The Banach-Tarski Paradox" (or "How To Turn A Pea Into A Lifesize Statue Of Stefan Banach")
11.11.04 Richard Marshall: "Dowker Spaces"
04.11.04 Richard Elwes: "Hilbert's Seventeenth Problem"
28.10.04 Steven Barclay: "The Lorentz Group"
21.10.04 Peter Shaw: "Multiplicative Preprojective Algebras and the Deligne-Simpson Problem"
14.10.04 Dr. Thorsten Holm: "The `How To Give Good Talks' Talk"
07.10.04 Alastair Brodlie: "Quantum Mechanics and Pure Maths"
30.09.04 Zen Harper: "Fourier's Exciting Series' and Highly Nutritious Analysis"

03.06.04 Zen Harper: "Analysis and Differential Equations"
20.05.04 Bruno Simoes: "Harmonic Morphisms"

18.03.04 James McGlade: "Perfect Proofs"
11.03.04 Agatha Walczak-Typke: "Forcing and the Continuum Hypothesis in a Nutshell"
04.03.04 Blake Gravenor: "Quantum Gravity"
21.02.04 Elliott Spoors: "Independance relations in PA"
13.02.04 Rachael Smith: "Some sequences resembling Hofstadter's"
29.01.04 Dominic Pinto: "Frechét algebras and the Michael conjecture"

11.12.03 Priya Biswas: "Spheres as points"
04.12.03 Anne Esslemont: "On Algebra"
27.11.03 Zen Harper: "Distribution theory"
20.11.03 Zen Harper: "An interesting collection of nutritious formulae"
13.11.03 Steven Barclay: "The Wedderburn-Artin Theorem"
06.11.03 Richard Elwes: "Groups of finite Morley rank"
30.10.03 Matt Daws: "Non-standard analysis"
23.10.03 Alastair Brodlie: "The Stationary Phase Method"
16.10.03 George Barmpalias: "Computability theory"

19.06.03 Mark Ryten: "Subgroups of free groups are free: a topological proof." (continued)
12.06.03 Mark Ryten: "Subgroups of free groups are free: a topological proof."
05.06.03 Priya Biswas: "From complex numbers to quaternions"
29.05.03 Tristan Jenkinson: "Non-repetitive Sequences"
22.05.03 Steven Barclay: "The Krein-Milman Theorem".
08.05.03 Dominic Pinto: "The combinatorial Nullstellensatz and its applications"

27.03.03 Susana Torrez√£o: "What do homogeneous coloured partial orders look like?"
20.03.03 Katie Chicot: "Lower 1-transitive linear orders"
06.03.03 Richard Williams: "Programs and Proofs"
27.02.03 Zen Harper: "Locally multiplicatively convex topological algebras"
20.02.03 Silvia Barbina: "On model theory"
06.02.03 Tim Mellor: "Universal Structures"

12.12.02 Richard Elwes: "o-minimality"
05.12.02 Agatha Walczak-Typke: "The Scottish Book"
21.11.02 Spiros Bousbouras "Gödel's Theorem"
07.11.02 Anne Esslemont: "Mathematics of Guiding"
31.10.02 Alastair Brodlie: "Co-adjoint orbits"
24.10.02 Zen Harper: "Harmonic functions, the Dirichlet problem and conformal mappings."
10.10.02 Matt Daws: "Julia Sets and Fractals"

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