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News and Updates

19/01/2011: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Elisabeth Bouscaren was forced to cancel. We are very thankful to Anand Pillay who readily agreed to fill the gap.

10/01/2011: Abstracts of talks and posters are now online.

10/01/2011: The timetable has been updated.

16/12/2010: Registration is now closed.

02/12/2010: We are pleased that we can confirm Wilfrid Hodges as speaker.

25/11/2010: Unfortunately, Angus Macintyre has had to cancel. We are, however, hopeful that Wilfrid Hodges will be able to speak.

We are pleased to announce the first British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference, supported by the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the British Logic Colloquium (BLC).

Model theory is a growing subject with many connections and applications to other areas of both pure and applied mathematics (algebra, number theory, integrable systems). This three-day conference, taking place in Leeds from 19-21 January 2011, is chiefly aimed at postgraduate students and postdocs working in model theory and related subject areas, but anybody interested in the subject is welcome!

University of Leeds | School of Mathematics