First Announcement

MODNET Summer School, University of Leeds, December 12 - 17, 2005

This event will consist of three short courses, each of around 5 - 6 lectures, supported by tutorials in the evenings. It is the first training event of the Marie Curie Framework 6 Research Training Network MODNET, funded by the European Commission. It is intended for PhD students at an early stage of their doctorate (e.g. first or second year), but we welcome participation by others, e.g. MSc students, or by other researchers, possible more experienced, for whom model theory is a peripheral interest.

Lecture Courses:

  1. Intermediate Model Theory (5 lectures. Lecturer: Mike Prest, University of Manchester)

    Brief synopsis (topics from the following list): brief summary of the prerequisites below, quantifier elimination, model completeness, model completions and companions, the topology on the Stone space of types and Cantor-Bendixson rank, prime models and the monster model, elimination of imaginaries, indiscernibles and Skolem functions, Fraissé constructions, omega-categoricity.

    Prerequisites (intended as guidelines of helpful background the more advanced topics below will not be essential to understand the course): completeness and compactness for first order logic; Löwenheim-Skolem theorems, ultraproducts, elementary extensions and chains, types, saturation, omitting types and Ryll-Nardzewski, countable atomic and prime models.

  2. Introduction to Stability Theory (6 Lectures. Lecturer: Eric Jaligot, Université de Lyon 1)

    Brief synopsis: the emphasis will be on omega-stable theories and strongly minimal sets. Topics include: Morley rank, basics of strongly minimal sets, pregeometries and Zilber trichotomy conjectures, groups of finite Morley rank (generics in groups, Zilber's Indecomposability Theorem and applications, Macintyre's theorem that any omega-stable field is algebraically closed). Independence property and strict order property, prime models, Baldwin-Lachlan theorem.

    Prerequisites: as for Intermediate Model Theory.

  3. Algebra and Geometry (6 Lectures. Lecturer: Angus Macintyre, Queen Mary, University of London)

    Brief synopsis: Fields (possibly with extra structure) often encountered in model theory: algebraically closed fields, separably closed fields, real closed fields, differentially closed fields, pseudofinite fields, valued fields (in particular the p-adic numbers, and algebraically closed valued fields, Ax-Kochen/Ershov). The course may include basics of affine varieties and algebraic groups.

    Prerequisites: none.

Provisional Summer School PROGRAMME (pdf file)

A list with some suggested preparatory reading for these courses will be provided nearer the event.

Venue: Lectures will be held in the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds. On the evenings of Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, there will be tutorial sessions linked to the lectures, in the School of Mathematics or the accommodation building.

Arrival and Departure:
Registration will be from 15.30 in the School of Mathematics on Monday December 12, and the final tutorial will finish about 18.30 on Friday December 16. Participants will be invited to a party on the Friday evening. It is expected that most participants will arrive on Monday 12 December and depart on Saturday 17 December.

Accommodation: This will be in Devonshire Hall, Cumberland Road, about 20 minutes walk from the University. The standard package cost for attending the summer school is £182. This will cover Bed and Breakfast accommodation for 5 nights (12/12/0517/12/05, single rooms), dinners on Monday and Tuesday evenings and a conference dinner on Thursday evening, lunches on TuesdayFriday, teas and coffees.

Free afternoon: Wednesday afternoon and evening are left completely free. Suggestions will be made for possible excursions by individuals/small groups (e.g. to York, a historic city which is about 30 minutes from Leeds by train). It is assumed that participants will eat out on the Wednesday evening at local restaurants a list of suggestions will be provided.

Registration: To register, please send an email to Dugald Macpherson ( stating your name, affiliation, address, status (e.g. PhD student, postdoctoral fellow), special dietary requirements. Please also state whether you will be taking the above package, or wish for any special arrangements (e.g. the total cost can be reduced slightly by eating separately, not taking the lunches and dinners, or not taking the conference dinner which is £28). It is hoped that most participants will take the above package. Because of restrictions on space, we advise registration as early as possible. Payments can be made on arrival.

Financial Support: For research students. Research students funded by Marie Curie networks should be able to obtain financial support from the networks. It is hoped that in addition, some financial support will be available for UK-based PhD students.

Travel: For information on travel to Leeds and the University, see Leeds/Bradford Airport has some international links, and there are direct trains (about 80 minutes) to Manchester Airport, a major international airport.