Homogeneous structures, permutation groups, and connections to set theory

A meeting in celebration of the 70th birthday of John Truss

School of Mathematics, University of Leeds
                 of John Truss

This conference focusses on several related interests of John: first order structures which are homogeneous in the sense of Fraïssé (or of more recent generalisations), and also ω-categorical structures in model theory; automorphism groups of such structures, and connections to other fields such as permutation group theory, semigroup theory, Ramsey theory and other aspects of combinatorics, topological dynamics; connections to set theory – related questions in combinatorial set theory, and permutation group methods in set theory.

The meeting is supported by the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds and by the British Logic Colloquium.

Practical information


If you wish to attend, please submit the registration form.

Time and Venue

The meeting will take place in the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, and will start around , and end around .

There will be a conference dinner on Monday September 11 (£34). If you wish to attend the social dinner, please say so in the registration form, and you will receive the payment instructions.

Travel & Accommodation

We have pre-booked a limited number of single rooms at Hotel Ibis (£52/night incl. breakfast) for the nights of 10th and 11th September. If you wish to stay at Ibis, please say so in the registration form, and you will receive the payment instructions. Payment is required before 7th August 2017. The reservation can be modified or cancelled before 7th August. No refund shall be possible after that date. The deadline for booking at Ibis through the School has closed.

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