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Geometry Days

While our universities are closed and we are unable to travel, the YDGD organisers have organised some virtual seminars and a virtual Geometry Day. Contact the relevant organiser for details on how to attend.

Date Time Speaker Title Organiser
28th April14.00Ben DavisonGraeme Wilkin
29th April15.00Derek HarlandThe geometry of the spin-orbit forceGerasim Kokarev
30th April13.00Emilio MussoCauchy-Riemann geometry of legendrian curves in S^3Fernando Galaz-Garcia
6th May15.00Joe DriscollGerasim Kokarev
12th May14.00Yue FanGraeme Wilkin
13th May15.00Hartmut WeißParabolic Higgs bundles and gravitational instantonsDerek Harland
13th May16.15Graeme WilkinAlgebraic and geometric classification of Yang-Mills-Yiggs flow linesDerek Harland
14th May13.00Shengkui YeEuler characteristic and topological Zimmer's programmeFernando Galaz-Garcia

Complete list of meetings during the academic year 2019/20:

The local organizers are:

John Bolton, Fernando Galaz-Garcia & Wilhelm Klingenberg, University of Durham

Derek Harland & Gerasim Kokarev, University of Leeds

Ian McIntosh & Chris Wood, University of York

Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Days are supported by a Scheme 3 grant from the London Mathematical Society. Previous years' programmes may be viewed here.

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