Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group

YFAG mainly meets in Leeds, but recently we have resurrected the Yorkshire theme, with meetings in York and Sheffield.

Unless otherwise stated, meetings will be in Leeds, at 3:30pm, in the room MALL 2, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds.

Seminar organizer: Matthew Daws

Winter Term, 2011

Tuesday 4th October
Ondrej Hutnik (Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Slovakia)
Wavelets: remarks on localization techniques

Tuesday 11th October
Elena Ushakova (York university)
On Hardy-Steklov type operators Click for abstract (txt).

Tuesday 25th October
Phil Brooker (Visiting Besancon, France)
Ideals of operators determined by the Szlenk index Click for abstract (txt).

Tuesday 1st November
Alistair Bird (Recently of Lancaster)
Closed operator ideals and James-type spaces Click for abstract (txt).

Tuesday 15th November
Paul Crewe (Oxford)
1) An introduction to stochastic integration in Banach spaces.
2) Almost periodic solutions to stochastic differential equations on Banach spaces.
Click for abstract (txt).

Tuesday 22nd November
Andreas Doering (Oxford)
Towards noncommutative Gel'fand duality Click for abstract (txt).

Tuesday 6th December
Matt Heath (Recently of Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal).
Bounded derivations from the disc algebra and $\ell^1(\mathbb N)$ to their duals. Click for abstract (txt).

Programme for Spring term 2012, Programme for Spring term 2011