Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group

Autumn Term, 2008

Monday 22nd September in Leeds
Asuman Aksoy (Claremont McKenna College, California)
Some results in metric trees    Abstract (PDF)

Tuesday 30th September in Leeds
Yemon Choi (University of Laval)
Homological aspects of Clifford semigroup algebras    Abstract (text)

Tuesday 7th October in Leeds
1. Birgit Jacob (Paderborn)
Spectrum of block operator matrices associated to second order systems    Abstract (PDF)
2. Sandra Pott (Glasgow)
Logarithmic mean oscillation on the bidisc and Hankel operators on H1(C+2)

Tuesday 14th October in Leeds
1. Pamela Gorkin (Bucknell)
Minimal invariant subspaces for composition operators    Abstract (text)
2. Isabelle Chalendar (Lyon)
Finitely strictly singular operators between James spaces

Tuesday 21st October in Leeds
1. Frédéric Bayart (Clermont-Ferrand)
Composition operators on the unit ball of Cd
2. Dimitris Pinotsis (Reading)
The Dbar approach, boundary value problems and Clifford analysis

Tuesday 28th October in Leeds
Fereidoun Ghahramani (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg)
Recent progress in approximate amenability

Friday October 31st and November 1st in Belfast
North British Functional Analysis Seminar (NBFAS)
Pere Ara (Barcelona) and Ken Dykema (Texas A & M)
See NBFAS web page for further details.

Tuesday 4th November in Leeds
Nicholas Young (Leeds)
The automorphism group of the tetrablock

Tuesday 11th November in Leeds
School Colloquium

Tuesday 18th November in Leeds
Joel Feinstein (Nottingham)
Normed algebras of differentiable functions on compact plane sets

Tuesday 25th November in Leeds
Victor Shulman (Vologda State University)
Fixed points of some families of holomorphic maps, invariant subspaces and the orthogonalization problem

Tuesday 2nd December in Leeds
School Colloquium

Unless otherwise specified, seminars start at 15.30. Anybody interested is welcome to attend. Leeds meetings normally take place in MALL 2, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds. (There are campus maps here and a list of hotels here.)

Seminar organizer Vladimir Kisil.

Programme for Summer term 2008
Programme for Spring term 2009

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