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Research Interests

Vladimir Kisil Operator and C*-algebras with symmetries, particularly algebra of convolutions and pseudodifferential operators on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces;
Functional calculus of operators and associated notions of (joint) spectrum of operators;
Hilbert spaces of analytic functions with reproducing kernels arising from group representations in complex and Clifford analysis;
Applications of coherent states, wavelet transform and group representations in quantum mechanics, combinatorics, etc.
Jonathan Partington My research interests centre on operator theory and Banach spaces of analytic functions. These include very abstract questions about invariant subspaces, where tools from complex analysis have been found useful, and also the study of particular types of operator, such as Hankel, Toeplitz and composition operators. I am very interested in applications of operator theory, which include the study of linear semigroup systems, control theory and partial differential equations.
Alexander Strohmaier My research is mainly in the analysis of partial differential operators. This includes spectral theory of elliptic partial differential operators on manifolds, scattering theory, parametrix constructions, index theory for elliptic and non-elliptic operators, Fourier- and pseudo-differential operators. I am also interested in applications in physics, in particular quantum physics, number theory, and geometry.
Nicholas Young (Research professor) Mathematical analysis, particularly operators on Hilbert space; complex analysis; H infinity control. Recent work, in collaboration with Jim Agler (UC San Diego) and John E. McCarthy (Washington University), is on the extension of some classical theorems of function theory to functions of two variables.
Radolaw Zawiski (Marie Curie fellow) Operator semigroup techniques in the control of delay systems.

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