NBFAS meeting in York, March 25th 2008

The NBFAS meeting took place on Tuesday March 25th, ending in time for the start of the BMC 2008 at the University of York.

The talks were at 12.15-13.15 and 13.45-14.45, in room C/A/101, Chemistry Building, University of York.

Prof. Albrecht Böttcher (TU Chemnitz, Germany)

Stability and Instability of Spectra and Related Sets

Abstract: It is well known that if a sequence of operators converges uniformly to a limit, then the spectra of these operators need not converge to the spectrum of the limit operator. In contrast to this, their pseudospectra converge to the pseudospectrum of the limit - provided we are in Hilbert space or in nice Banach spaces. These and some more sophisticated questions will be discussed in the two talks, which are addressed to postgraduates but might also contain a few issues of interest to experienced specialists in functional analysis and operator theory. As Toeplitz operators are the speaker's favourites, these will play an essential role and figure as a rich source of illustrating examples.

There was also a postgraduate conference in the morning of March 25th.

Sandra Pott, NBFAS Secretary.

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