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19.7.17 The University of Glasgow is advertising a temporary lecturing position in mathematics for 2017-18 (i.e. to start in September). The advert can be found here.

11.7.17 The conference Mathematical Methods in Inverse Scattering and Spectral Theory will be held in Leeds from 11-15 Sept. 2017. Details can be found under

24.5.17 There will be a one-day meeting in Lancaster on June 1st, entitled Combinatorial Techniques in Analysis and Probability.

4.2.17 Newcastle Universiy is advertising for a Head of Mathematics, Statistics and Theoretical Physics. Closing date February 10th.

2.2.17 There will be a SOAR meeting in Glasgow on 24-25 March. See

23.1.17 The LMS invited lectures will be given in Newcastle by Jim Agler on Function theory by Hilbert space methods, April 18th-22nd. See for full details.

13.12.16 The University of Glasgow is advertising a position in Pure Mathematics at the lecturer/senior lecturer/reader level. The application deadline is January 8th. See for details.

5.12.16 There is a lectureship in analysis advertised at Leeds, closing date 13th January. See for details.

23.11.16 The 2017 Young Functional Analysts' Workshop will take place in Glasgow on March 29th-31st 2017. See for details.

14.10.16 There is a SOAR meeting in Glasgow on December 2nd and 3rd. See

13.10.16 Dr Alexander Strohmaier of Loughborough is joining the department at Leeds from January 2017. He works in global analysis and operator theory.

12.8.16 The Mathematics Department at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh is looking to recruit one or more pure mathematician(s) at assistant/associate/full professor level. A particular emphasis is on the broad areas of Algebra, Geometry or Topology, and this would include operator algebras. Closing date 30th September. See

4.5.16 Glasgow is advertising permanent positions (lecturer / senior lecturer / reader) in pure mathematics with closing date 26 May. See

26.4.16 A conference on The Stone-Cech Compactification: Theory and Applications will be hosted by the University of Cambridge between Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th July 2016. Web page

13.4.16 A one-day meeting on Groups and Operator Algebras will take place in Queen's University Belfast on Thursday 19 May 2016. Web page

13.4.16 The LMS Midlands Regional Meeting and Workshop on Interactions of Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory will be held in the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham during 13-16 September 2016. Web page

17.3.16 There will be an LMS Research School on Combinatorics and operators in quantum information theory, at Belfast on 5th-9th September. For more details see

9.3.16 The University of Leeds is advertising a Chair in Analysis. Please see for full details. The closing date for applications is Monday 9th May.

8.3.16 There will be a half-day workshop on "Interactions of Operator Theory with Quantum Processes" at Newcastle on 10th June. The web page is here

4.3.16 The meeting in memory of Charles Read will go ahead on 1st and 2nd September, as planned. The web page is here.

27.1.16 Professor Anthony To-Ming Lau, University of Alberta, Edmonton, has been appointed as a "Distinguished Faculty Visitor" to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University. As part of this appointment, Professor Lau will visit the Department from Monday 16 to Friday 27 May 2016. For details of his lectures, please contact H. G. Dales (

8.1.16 It is expected that a meeting in memory of Charles Read will be held in Leeds on September 1st and 2nd 2016. Full details will be given later.

8.1.16 The next Scottish Operator Algebras Research (SOAR) meeting will be held in Aberdeen on 16-17 March. See for details.

23.11.15 The 2016 Young Functional Analysts' Workshop (YFAW) will take place in Queen's University Belfast from 6 - 8 April 2016. The website is

10.11.15 There is a one-year teaching fellowship in Mathematics advertised at Leeds, closing date 30th November. See

10.11.15 An EPSRC-funded one-year postdoc at the University of Aberdeen will be hired, to be supervised by Aaron Tikuisis, closing date 7th December. See

10.11.15 Glasgow is currently advertising for Professor/Chair position in Pure Mathematics, closing date 6th December. See, Reference 011455.

18.9.15 There is a University Academic Fellowship in Pure Mathematics advertised at Leeds. Closing date September 30th.

3.9.15 There will be a Scottish Operator Algebras Research Meeting in Glasgow on 13 November. See for details.

18.8.15 We are very sad to announce that Prof. Charles Read (Leeds) has died while on a research trip to Canada.

3.7.15 David Kimsey, recently a postdoc with Prof. Harry Dym in the Weizmann Institute of Science and Prof. Daniel Alpay in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, will join the Analysis group at Newcastle in April 2016.

6.5.15 There is a lectureship in Pure Mathematics advertised at Newcastle. See for details. Closing date 2nd June.

15.4.15 There are lectureships in Pure Mathematics advertised at Leeds. See for details. Closing date 8th May.

23.3.15 There will be a Scottish Operator Algebras Seminar in Aberdeen preceding NBFAS, on the afternoon of 22 June and morning of 23 June.

23.11.14 There is an assistant professorship in mathematics advertised at Heriot-Watt. Closing date 18th December. Details here.

27.10.14 There is a position advertised in Glasgow, with closing date November 16th. Details here.

29.9.14 There will be a Scottish Operator Algebras seminar in Aberdeen on 28th November. See this link.

5.8.14 There is a 2-year postdoc position at Lancaster to work on quantum random walks and quasi-free quantum stochastic calculus. The closing date is 28th August. Details here.

23.5.14 Evgenios Kakariadis and Alexey Popov, recently postdocs with Prof. Kenneth R. Davidson in the University of Waterloo, will join the Analysis group at Newcastle in September 2014. Mihai Putinar will join the group in August.

7.4.14 There is a lectureship in Pure Mathematics advertised at Leeds. See here. Closing date 1st May 2014.

19.3.14 There is a lectureship in Pure Mathematics advertised at Newcastle: see this link. Closing date 22nd April.

19.3.14 There is a postdoc position in operator algebras at Glasgow: see this link. Deadline 16th April 2014.

6.3.14 The Scottish Operator Algebras Seminar will meet in Glasgow on March 14th.

4.3.14 A Belfast Harmonic Analysis Day will take place on 5th June 2014. See this site for details.

3.3.14 This year's Young Functional Analysts' Workshop will take place in Lancaster on 23rd-25th April 2014. See this site for details.

13.2.14 There will be an LMS workshop on Operator Methods in Harmonic Analysis in Belfast, August 18-21 2014. The home page is here.

9.12.13 An International Workshop on Operator Theory (iWOP2014) will be held at Queen's University Belfast between September 3 and 5, 2014. There is a preliminary announcement here.

5.12.13 There will be a conference (C-star) in Glasgow 25-29 Aug, 1-5 Sept, 2014. Home page.

21.11.13 There is a chair in pure mathematics at Newcastle, closing date January 6th. See this link.

14.11.13 We regret to announce that Dr John Baker, formerly of Sheffield University, died last week after a short illness.

14.11.13 There are position in Pure Mathematics advertised at Aberdeen. Search for reference numbers 1379662 and 1379667 at

14.10.13 Yemon Choi (currently at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada) has accepted an offer of a permanent lectureship in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University. The appointment will start in January, 2014.

7.10.13 There will be a 1-day meeting in Aberdeen on October 26th, entitled "C*-algebras in Scotland". More information can be found at this link.

2.5.13 There will be an operator algebras day in Aberdeen on May 13th. See this link.

19.4.13 There is an associate professorship in pure mathematics at Leeds. Details here. Closing date May 19th. Also a lectureship. Details here. Closing date May 28th.

28.1.13 Information on the QOP [Quantum groups, operators and non-commutative probability] network (Lancaster, Leeds and Warsaw) may be found here.

28.1.13 There are jobs at Lancaster. Chair in Pure Mathematics and Lecturer in Analysis.

24.8.12 Two permanent position in mathematics at Glasgow. See Closing date 30th September.

15.7.12 There is a lectureship in Pure Mathematics at Queen's University, Belfast. See

29.5.12 There are lectureships/senior lectureships/readerships in Mathematics at Aberdeen. See

20.4.12 There is a postdoc posiiton in the University of Leeds to work with Matthew Daws on Compact Quantum Semigroups. See Closing date for applications: 21 May.

24.3.12. There is a postdoc position in Asymptotics of Operator Semigroups advertised by the Mathematical Institute in Oxford. It is for a project led by Charles Batty and also involving Yuri Tomilov, and the post will exist for 2.5 years from 1 July or later this year. Closing date for applications: 30 April.

19.3.12 There is a 2-year RA position in Lancaster, to work with Stephen Power on "Crystal Frameworks, Operator Theory and Combinatorics". Details at

18.11.11 The next Young Functional Analysts' Workshop (YFAW) will take place in Oxford, on the 21st and 22nd March 2012, just before the NBFAS meeting. Details at

23.8.11 Congratulations to the University of Lancaster on recruiting Garth Dales as a research professor.

15.7.11 A lectureship in Analysis is advertised at Nottingham: see this link. Closing date August 2nd.

4.3.11 There will be a meeting for graduate students and postdocs in functional analysis at the University of York from the 6th to the 8th of April 2011. All are welcome, and funding may be available for UK based students. For more information, visit

22.2.11 We regret to announce that Professor Frank Bonsall FRS, one of the founders of NBFAS, died today. He was 90 years old.

2.2.11 There is a position (University Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow) advertised in Analysis at Oxford: see Closing date 14th March 2011.

12.1.11 Congratulation to Martin Mathieu, who has been elected Vice-President of the Irish Mathematical Society.

14.10.10 There are two lectureships advertised in Pure Mathematics at Aberdeen. See here.

22.9.10 We congratulate Martin Mathieu on his election as a member of the Royal Irish Academy.

11.8.10 There will be a Junior Operator Algebras Seminar at Glasgow on 3rd September, organised by Bhishan Jacelon. For more information please check

9.7.10 There will be an LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop on C*-Algebras and Classification in Nottingham on 6th-10th September.

3.4.10 There will be a Summer School in Analysis in Le Touquet, France, from 30th August to 3rd September 2010. For more details, see The organizers can take in charge or reimburse (part of the) local expenses and/or travel. In case you are asking for financial support, please write to as soon as possible, but not later than 15th May.

19.3.10 There will be a semester in Leeds on Banach algebra and operator space techniques in topological group theory, from 17th May to 30th June 2010. For more details, see

26.11.09 There will be a meeting for early-stage researchers in Functional Analysis, to be held in Newcastle from the 11th-13th January 2010. Any postgrads or postdocs in analysis are welcome; for more details, go to

16.10.09 Dr Pedro Miana (University of Zaragoza, Spain) is visiting Leeds until 15th December. His interests lie in semigroups and Banach algebras.

7.8.09 Prof Christiane Tretter (University of Bern, Switzerland) will give a public lecture on applications of operator theory on Tuesday, September 8, at 7pm at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Title, abstract and the exact venue will be posted in due course.

11.6.09 There is a lectureship in Analysis advertised in Cardiff, deadline June 19:, and some temporary lectureships in Mathematics in Glasgow, deadline July 17:

1.5.09 There will be an international conference on Operators and Operator Algebras in the University of Edinburgh on December 8th to 11th 2009. The Honorary Organisers are Alastair Gillespie and Allan Sinclair. The conference website is

23.1.09 A one-day meeting of the Irish-Scottish Operator Algebra seminar will be held at the University of Glasgow on Saturday 21st February 2009. More details here.

19.11.08 The 3rd International Workshop on Elementary Operators and their Applications (ElOp2009) -- a satellite to the BMC 2009 -- will take place in Queen's University Belfast from 14-17 April 2009. Further details at

17.11.08 There will be a Graduate Student Mini-Meeting on Operator Theory and Spaces of Analytic Functions on Wednesday 17th December and Thursday 18th December 2008 in Leeds. For more information, see the Conference website.

17.10.08 A meeting in Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory in memory of Laura Wisewell will take place on December 16, 2008 at the University of Glasgow. Details can be found on

16.7.08 There is a one-year teaching fellowship in Pure Mathematics advertised at Leeds, with deadline July 21st: see here.

11.7.08 Glasgow has just advertised a temporary lectureship in Analysis for 2 years, deadline August 1: see here.

1.7.08 We congratulate our NBFAS secretary, Sandra Pott, on her promotion to a Readership at Glasgow.

27.6.08 Dr Romesh Kumar of the University of Jammu is visiting Leeds until September 4th through a UK-India Science Network. He works on composition operators.

19.5.08 There will be a workshop on Phenomena in high dimensions in Lancaster, 14th-19th September 2008.

14.5.08 A two-day meeting New Directions in Noncommutative Geometry is to be held in the School of Mathematics, Manchester University, on Thursday and Friday 10-11 July 2008. This meeting is also a celebration of Roger Plymen's 65th birthday.

25.4.08 There are various posts advertised at Lancaster, including a lectureship in Pure Mathematics. Closing date 27th May 2008.

4.4.08 Two lectureships in Mathematics are advertised at the University of York. Closing date April 29th.

3.3.08 There will be an Instructional Workshop on Subfactors and Planar Algebras (SFPA2008) at Queen's University Belfast, 26-28 August 2008.

19.2.08 There will be a meeting on Banach Algebras and Harmonic Analysis at the University of Leeds on Tuesday 22nd April and Wednesday 23rd April 2008.

16.2.08 There will be a conference at University College, Cork on Operator Theory and Operator Algebras, from 7th to 9th May 2008, in memory of Gerard Murphy.

19.1.08 We congratulate Gordon Blower, former NBFAS secretary, on his promotion to Professor at the University of Lancaster.

13.12.07 Three jobs in Pure Mathematics have just been advertised at Glasgow, including one job which is going to be in Analysis. One appointment may be made at senior level. More information here.

4.12.07 The University of Aberdeen is advertising some "new blood" lectureships, and hopes to make appointments in mathematics under this scheme (at all levels). More details here.

3.12.07 The University of Oxford has joined NBFAS.

3.11.07 We welcome Dr Stuart White of Glasgow as the new NBFAS Treasurer.

5.10.07 Dr Dona Strauss (of the late Maths Department at Hull) has been appointed as an Honorary Visiting Fellow at Leeds.

10.8.07 We are very sad to report that Graham Allan, of Cambridge and formerly Leeds, died on Thursday 9th August.

27.7.07 It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that our NBFAS treasurer, Laura Wisewell of Glasgow, has died. She was only 30 years old.

18.7.07 There are two postdoctoral positions in Analysis at Cardiff, starting on 1 September 2007 or as soon as possible thereafter. One job is for 36 weeks and is related to spectral pollution, spectra of Toeplitz matrices, and Fourier analysis. Another is for two years on a project dealing with spectral problems (arising in oceanography) for PDEs and operator pencils in unbounded domains. Links to full descriptions and "how to apply" details are at Informal enquiries to Michael Levitin.

29.6.07 Dr András Zsák of the University of Nottingham has been appointed to a Teaching Fellowship at Leeds for the academic year 2007-8.

22.5.07 Some NBFAS members may be interested in the course on Spectral properties of banded Toeplitz matrices, to be given in Reading on June 18th-19th by Prof. Albrecht Böttcher of Chemnitz. See for details.

21.5.07 There is a workshop on Harmonic Analysis in Edinburgh on June 6th 2007. For more details, see

8.5.07 There is a 30-month Post-doctoral Research Associate position available at Lancaster University to work with Dr. D. M. Elton on the EPSRC funded project "Spectral Properties of Magnetic Operators". Further details of the project can be found at

30.4.07 There is a postdoc position in Analysis available at Strathclyde, which may be of interest to NBFAS members. See Further information is available from Matthias Langer.

7.3.07 There is a lectureship in Pure Mathematics advertised at Lancaster. Closing date March 30th. Details will be available on

27.2.07 Since 1998 there has been an annual meeting on Functional Analysis at QUB. The tenth edition will take place on 1 December 2007 in the usual format. The main speaker is Professor Thierry Giordano (Ottawa University) on Topological Orbit Equivalence: New developments. More details will be available in due course. Please watch the BFAD website at

22.11.06 The next BMC is in Swansea, April 16th-19th 2007. Invited speakers include Alain Connes and there is a special session in Harmonic Analysis. The web page is

11.11.06 There will be a two-day Banach Algebras mini-meeting, held in Leeds on May 15th and 16th 2007. Further details will be available later.

30.10.06 The conference MAA 2007 (Modern Analysis and Applications), dedicated to the 100th anniversary of M.G. Krein, will be held in Odessa, Ukraine, April 9th-14th, 2007. Detailed information on the conference is available on the webpage

25.10.06 Sandy and Judy Grabiner of Claremont, California, will be visiting Leeds from mid-January to the end of June 2007 (partially supported by the LMS), and Rick Loy (Australian National University, Canberra) will be there for about April, May and June 2007, supported by an EPSRC grant. It is also expected that George Willis (Newcastle, New South Wales) will visit within this period.

24.10.06 Dr Matthew Daws of St John's College, Oxford, has been appointed to a Lectureship in Pure Mathematics at Leeds.

23.10.06 There are the following Pure Mathematics posts at the University of Nottingham advertised: (i) Lecturer in Pure Mathematics. (ii) Associate Professor and Reader in Pure Mathematics. (iii) Professor in Pure Mathematics.

3.10.06 The Banach Algebras 2007 conference will take place in Laval, Quebec, Canada on July 4th to 12th, 2007. The home page of the meeting is

25.9.06 There is a lectureship in Analysis available in the Department of Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds (closing date, October 6th). More information is available at the web page or by direct enquiry to the Head of Department, David Salinger,

4.9.06 A meeting of the LMS network "UK Harmonic Analysis and PDE's Research Network" will be held in Glasgow on Tuesday 19th September 2006. Further details at

2.9.06 The web page for the Belfast Functional Analysis Day (see below) is now available at

17.8.06 The University of Glasgow has advertised some positions in Pure Mathematics on Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader level (deadline September 15), with Analysis being one of the areas of preference. Details can be found here.

11.8.06 Members of NBFAS may be interested in the conference on "Amenability of Groups and Algebras" in Australia (January 4-8, 2007) to mark Rick Loy's retirement. Its web site is here.

28.7.06 The fifth conference on "Positivity and its Applications" will be held in Belfast from Monday 23rd July to Friday 27th July 2007. It will be preceded by a two day instructional meeting, aimed at postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Roko Aliprantis, Gerard Buskes, Anton Schep, Ben de Pagter and Tony Wickstead have already agreed to contribute to the instructional meeting. Some funding will be available to support postgraduate students from the UK and the Republic of Ireland, as well as participants from Africa and the former Soviet Union. Requests to be added to the mailing list for announcements should be sent to

23.6.06 There will be a meeting on operator algebras and applications in Leeds on September 21st to 23rd 2006, to mark the retirement of Prof. E.C. Lance. A second announcement, containing further information and registration details, will be circulated in July/August. A website will be available in due course at

21.6.06 This year's BFAD will feature Prof Andreas Defant from Oldenburg University (Germany) with two one-hour lectures on "Classical summation methods in noncommutative probability" as the main speaker. As usual there will be contributed talks by the participants. The meeting will be held in the Department of Pure Mathematics at Queen's University Belfast on Saturday, 25 November 2006. Please direct any inquiries to A web address will be available later this summer.

13.4.06 Professor Mohammad Moslehian of Ferdowsi University, Mashad, Iran, is visiting Leeds until August 31st 2006. He works in Banach and C* algebras.

16.3.06 A two-day workshop dedicated to all aspects of operator algebras, both selfadjoint and non-selfadjoint, will be held in the Department of Pure Mathematics of Queen's University Belfast on Friday, 5 May and Saturday, 6 May 2006. Organisers: Drs Martin Mathieu and Ivan Todorov. Full details at

13.3.06 Full details of the LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop in Leeds (July 3rd-7th) are now available here.

22.2.06 There is a chair in Pure Mathematics being advertised at Newcastle. Closing date March 24th 2006. More details here.

13.2.06 Professor Nicholas Young (formerly of Newcastle) has been appointed as a Research Professor in the Department of Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds.

12.2.06 There is an associate professorship in Pure Mathematics (mathematical analysis) being advertised at Nottingham. Closing date March 17th 2006. More details here.

23.1.06 There is a lectureship in Mathematics being advertised at York. Closing date February 1st 2006. More details here.

10.1.06 We are very sad to report that Maxim Polyakov, post-doctoral fellow at Leeds, died of a heart attack on January 2nd 2006 in Moscow. He was 31 years old.

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