Maths Foresees


Chain of modelling areas

Modelling aims:

  • M1: Improve the modelling of extreme weather, including the prediction of severe precipitation, storms, hurricanes and heavy fog.

  • M2: Investigate coupled flood and precipitation forecast models and quantify the uncertainty of the precipitation input in a probabilistic and stochastic manner.

  • M3: Consider coastal storm surge and wave models coupled to severe weather forecast models, focusing on extreme events.

  • M4: Couple wave and storm surge models to near-shore models of beach and cliff erosion under conditions of extreme wave breaking and for high sea levels.

  • M5: Investigate the potential mitigation of flood-related disasters through active flood control by developing and applying techniques from distributed parameter systems.

  • M6. Assess new mathematical and numerical methods for urban air pollution and the dispersal of pollutants in urban floods.

  • M7: Quantify the uncertainty in the above modelling efforts using stochastic and probabilistic methods.

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