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Final General Assembly, 8th-10th January 2018

The final Maths Foresees General Assembly took place at the University of Leeds in January 2018. The meeting showcased research funded by the network since its launch, including feasibility studies and outreach projects, and included updates from activities including the Environmental Modelling in Industry study group held in 2017. The meeting also served as an opportunity to discuss future directions following on from the Maths Foresees network, which will end in April 2018. Thank you to all who participated in this event.


Onno Bokhove (University of Leeds) on 'Drowning by numbers: inconvenient truths on flood mitigation'.
Patrick Willems (KU Leuven) on ' Flood control of river systems with model predictive control'.
Simon Jepps (Thomas Mackay) and Andrew Coen (Environment Agency) on 'Utilising water supply reservoirs for flood risk management - balancing needs'.
Gavin Esler (UCL) on the outcomes of the SWECO study group challenge 'Hydraulic modelling of collection networks for civil engineering'.
Ilaria Prosdocimi (University of Bath) on the outcomes of the Environment Agency study group challenge '
Estimating risk bands using flood event data'.
Michael Green (Wood PLC) on the outcomes of the Environment Agency study group challenge 'Making decisions using uncertain forecasts'.
Jacques Vanneste (University of Edinburgh) on the outcomes of the
Environment Agency study group challenge 'Sampling spatially variant rare rainfall events'.
Nathalie Vriend (University of Cambridge) on '
the formation and pattern coarsening of subaqueous ripples and dunes'.
Sarah Dance and Sanita Vetra-Carvalho (University of Reading) on 'DARE: Data Assimilation for the REsilient City'. Presentation 1. Presentation 2.
Georges Kesserwani and group (University of Sheffield) on 'Smart flood forecasting infrastructure with uncertainties'.
Sara Lombardo (Loughborough University) on her outreach project ' Giant waves in the ocean: from sea monsters to science'.
Humphrey Lean (Met Office) on '
Multiscale modelling of urban weather'.
Lila Collet (Heriot-Watt University) on 'Water resilient cities'.
Rebecca Killick on her feasibility study 'Forecasting river levels utilising nonstationarity'.

Sandhya Patidar (Heriot-Watt University) on her feasibility study ' A stochastic modelling approach for future flood risk modelling'.
Colin Cotter (Imperial College London) on his feasibility study 'Multilevel Monte Carlo methods for flood risk assessment'. Also see Colin's video.
David Dritschel (University of St Andrews) and Steef Boeing (University of Leeds) on their feasibility study ' A prototype vortex-in-cell algorithm for modelling moist convection'.
Victor Shrira (Keele University) and Sergei Lukaschuk (University of Hull) on their feasibility study 'Modelling the wave dynamics of jet currents in a flume'.
Barry Hankin (JBA Consulting) on the outcomes of the JBA study group challenge 'Flood risk management measures deployed on river networks'.
Robin Gray (Pennine Prospects) on 'Slow the Flow Calderdale: a citizen science approach'.
Rob Lamb (JBA Trust) on his 'outlook to the future'.

Andy Moores (Environment Agency) on his 'outlook to the future'.
Gordon Inverarity (Met Office) on his 'outlook to the future'.

Breakout sessions

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