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General Assembly, 5th-7th September 2016

The second Maths Foresees General Assembly was held at St Leonard's Hall, Edinburgh, from Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th September 2016. The meeting showcased research funded by the network since its launch in May 2015, and included research talks from network members and end users of environmental research.


   Keynote speaker
   Arnold Heemink (TU Delft) on flood forecasting using data assimilation
   Industry talks
   - Katy Bullock (Leeds City Council) and Mark Garford (Environment Agency) on an introduction to the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
   - Andy Moores (Environment Agency) on the art of the science of getting maths into practice: an Environment Agency perspective
   Research talks
   - Matt Turner (University of Surrey) on convection problem in a single column: modelling, algorithm and analysis (from the 2015 Environmental 
      Modelling in Industry study group)
   - Gavin Esler (UCL) on mathematical problems in flood modelling
   - Paul Williams (University of Reading) on the impact of extreme events on air travel under climate change
   - David Ham (Imperial College London) on Firedrake: a system for automating the finite element method
   - Garry Pender (Heriot-Watt University) on an introduction to the Flooding & Coastal Erosion Risk Management Network (
   - Nick Watkins (LSE/University of Warwick/Open University) on quantifying the time dynamics of the full local distribution of daily precipitations and its

   Feasibility study progress
   - Sergei Lukaschuk (University of Hull) and Victor Shrira (Keele University) on modelling wave dynamics on jet currents in a flume
      Video: observations of a blockage on trapped waves on a longitudinally nonuniform jet-type current
   - Jacques Vanneste (University of Edinburgh) on a multiscale model of urban dispersion
   - Colin Cotter and Alastair Gregory (Imperial College London) on a multilevel Monte Carlo methods for flood risk assessment
   - Mark Woodhouse (University of Bristol) on the effects of topographic uncertainty on flood and debris flow modelling
   - David Dritschel (University of St Andrews) and Steven Böing (University of Leeds) on a prototype vortex-in-cell algorithm for modelling moist


   Two mini-workshops on the themes of data assimilation (led by Gordon Inverarity, Met Office and Sarah Dance, University of Reading) and public      
   engagement with the science of floods (led by Onno Bokhove, University of Leeds and Wout Zweers, designer and sculpturist) were held during the
   course of the meeting.


   The programme is available online. Abstracts are listed from page 3.


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