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Preprint Server

The preprint server is primarily intended as a way of publicising and disseminating the work of MALOA researchers.  It is hoped that all MALOA researchers will regularly post their papers here.

To submit a preprint, please email Patricia Grant your document preferably in pdf format.

Please ensure that on any work, MALOA and EU funding is acknowledged with the following text:- The research leading to these results has received funding from the [European Community's] Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007-2013] under grant agreement n° 238381.

    PrePrint Index

  • 01. Artem Chernikov, Pierre Simon. Externally definable sets and dependent pairs
  • 02. Sebastian Muller. Iddo Tzameret. Average-Case Separation in Proof Complexity:Short Propositional Refutations for
                          Random 3CNF Formulas
  • 03. Ulrich Berger, Kenji Miyamoto, Helmut Schwichtenberg, and Monika Seisenberger.Minlog - A Tool for Program Extraction
                          Supporting Algebras and Coalgebras.
  • 04. Thanos Tsouanas - Game semantics of disjunctive logic programming.
  • 05. Olaf Beyersdorff, Arne Meier, Sebastian Muller, Michael Thomas, and Heribert Vollmer - Proof Complexity of Propositional
                          Default Logic.
  • 06. Olaf Beyersdorff and Sebastian Muller - Different Approaches to Proof Systems.
  • 07. Artem Chernikov and Pierre Simon - Externally definable sets and dependent pairs II.
  • 08. Sebastian Mueller - Polylogarithmic cuts in models of V^0.
  • 09. Artem Chernikov - Theories without the tree property of the second kind.
  • 10. Artem Chernikov, Itay Kaplan and Saharon Shelah - Non-forking spectra.
  • 11. Kenji Miyamoto and Helmut Schwichtenberg - Program Extraction in Exact Real Arithmetic.
  • 12. Itai Ben Yaacov and Artem Chernikov - An independence theorem for NTP2 theories.
  • 13. Artem Chernikov and Martin Hils - Valued difference fields and NTP2.
  • 14. Zi Chao Wang - Implicit Resolution.
  • 15. Martin Adamcik and George Wilme - The Irrelevant Information Principle for Collective Probabilistic Reasoning.
  • 16. Haydar Goral - Arithmetic Nullstellensatz and Nonstandard Methods.
  • 17. Franziska Jahnke and Jochen Koenigsmann - Definable henselian valuations.
  • 18. Gareth Boxall, David Bradley-Williams, Charlotte Kestner, Alexandra Omar Aziz, Davide Penazzi - Weak one-basedness. 
  • 19. Artem Chernikov, Itay Kaplan, Pierre Simon - Groups and fields with NTP2.
  • 20. Artem Chernikov, Saharon Shelah - On the number of Dedekind cuts and two-cardinal models of dependent theories.
  • 21. D. Rinaldi, G. Sambin, P. Schuster `The basic Zariski topology’
  • 22. D. Rinaldi, `A formal proof of the projective Eisenbud-Evans-Storch Theorem
  • 23. K.Miyamoto, F. Nordvall Forsberg, H. Schwichtenberg, `Program extraction from nested definitions’
  • 24. M.Koulakis, `Coding when the strong cardinals of K are below omega_1^V’
  • 25. M.Adamcik, G. Wilmers, `The irrelevant information principle for collective probabilistic reasoning’
  • 26. M.Adamcik, G Wilmers, `Probabilistic merging operators
  • 27. M. Khani, `The field of real numbers with a predicate for the real algebraic numbers and a predicate for the integer powers of two’ 
  • 28. P.Cubides Kovacsis, `An introduction to C-minimal structures and their cell decomposition theorem’
  • 29. P.Cubides Kovacsics, `Locally constant functions in C-minimal structures’
  • 30. V.Mantova, Involutions on Zilber fields’
  • 31. B.Kim, S. Kim, L. Lee, `A classification of 2-chains having 1-shell boundaries in rosy theories’.