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MALOA Overview

What is MALOA?
MALOA (From MAthematical LOgic to Applications) is an EU-funded Framework 7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network. It runs from 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2013. Its purpose is to provide postgraduate training in a wide range of areas of mathematical logic, in particular: model theory, logical aspects of complexity theory, proof theory, computability theory, set theory, real valued logic. MALOA appointments will be entirely Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) -- in particular, people who do not have a PhD, but who have an appointment which enables them to embark on a PhD (the Eligibility page has a precise definition).

Who is involved with MALOA?
MALOA has eight Full Partners, at which ESRs can be appointed, and three Associated Partners, which contribute to the training. The Universities page has a list of partners. MALOA is coordinated by the University of Leeds.

What appointments will MALOA make?
The plans are that MALOA makes 18 36-month ESR appointments, and makes a further 82 months of short-term appointments . The 36-month appointments will enable an ESR to do a PhD at one of the MALOA partners. The short-term appointments enable an ESR based anywhere in the world (e.g. someone doing a PhD elsewhere) to pay a 3--6 month visit to a MALOA partner and interact with their hosts. Eighteen 36-month appointments have already been made, for ESRs starting in 2009 and 2010. The remaining, short-term, appointments, which are spread among all the Full Partners, will be held in the final three years of the project. These positions will be advertised (here and elsewhere) but enquiries at any time are welcome.

What are the payment rates?
The payment rates for MALOA ESRs are fixed by the European Commission. The rate consists of a Living Allowance and a Mobility Allowance, and also an allowance for personal travel, and (for appointments of at least one year) a Career Exploratory Allowance of 2000 euros. There is additional funding for training activities.

What training is provided?
Each MALOA ESR is appointed to a particular MALOA partner, where they will have a supervisor. During their MALOA appointment, they receive extensive funding (up to 600 euros per researcher month is available) to enable them to participate in conference or summer schools, pay research visits, or undertake training of various other forms (e.g. to take language courses). For any ESR appointed for at least a year, it is expected that they will pay a visit of at least three months (possibly broken into several short visits) to another MALOA partner or partners, possibly one of the Associated Partners.

In addition, MALOA is providing many training activities, detailed on the Meetings and Events page.

Contact Details
For further enquiries please contact:
Dugald Macpherson (University of Leeds, Coordinator) (pmthdm{at}maths{dot}leeds{dot}ac{dot}uk) or