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Meetings and Events

Previous MALOA meetings

Lecture notes from these meetings are available on the MALOA lecture notes page.  Please note that this page has been reorganised into event type.

Final Conference

Training Worksops

  • Third Training Workshop, Oxford, August 26 - September 1, 2012

    The Third Maloa Training Workshop took place in Oxford from 27th-31st of August 2012. In total 38 participants took part in the workshop, including 28 graduate students. There were three 5-hour courses, given by Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt), Kobi Peterzil (Haifa) and Jochen Koenigsmann (Oxford), and one 2-hour course by Andreas Doering (Oxford). In addition, there was a 2-hour complementary training session on how to give conference talks by Dugald Macpherson. The remainder of the programme consisted of 13 contributed talks by the student participants, a conference excursion and a conference dinner. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for the Maloa students to get to know one another's research areas and to learn more about the current research in and around Mathematical Logic.

    The conference website (https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/events/conferences/maloa) contains links to the slides of the talks.

  • Second Training Workshop, Leeds, June 26 to July 2 2011.
    The following speakers presented at this workshop:Romain Kervarc (Onera), Ben Miller (Muenster) and Charles Steinhorn (Vassar College), and individual lectures by Anand Pillay (Leeds), Jenny Rivas and David Bond (Leeds) and Ben Azvine (BT). In addition, there were two 4-5 lecture sessions running in parallel for one day, one around constructive set theory and proof theory given by Peter Aczel (Manchester), Michael Rathjen (Leeds) and Nicola Gambino (Palermo), and the other on constraint satisfaction with homogeneous templates (complexity theory/model theory), given by Michael Pinsker (Paris VII).

  • First Training Workshop: Fischbachau (near Munich, Germany), 5 - 11 September 2010.
    The following speakers presented at this workshop: Professor Thierry Coquand (Chalmers), Professor Dugald MacPherson (University of Leeds), Professor Mirna Džamonja (University of East Anglia), Professor Masahiko Sato (Kyoto University.

Research Worksops

Special Semesters

  • Second Special Semester in Logic and Complexity,Charles University, Prague. September 19 to December 18 2011. This was analogous to the Lyon Semester, but with a different research focus.

  • First Special Semester in model theory, Lyon, 5 March to 4 June 2011. A 3 month model theory programme in Spring 2011 with an intended audience of the MALOA model theory fellows as well as a few outside students on short-term three month fellowships. Several courses taught by local instructors ran throughout the programme, as well as a weekly "student's seminar" combined with several more intensive classes taught by outside instructors.

Instructional Day

  • MALOA Instructional day, 25 March 2010. Took place before the meeting Geometric stability theory, 26-29 March 2010, University of Oxford, GB. The initial MALOA day consisted of introductory lectures by Z. Chatzidakis (Paris), H.D. Macpherson (Leeds), D. Marker (Chicago) and J. Baldwin (Chicago).