European Union European Industry Doctorates 2020-2023 (project 859983)


  • Wajiha Rehman (Early Stage Researcher I, Leeds/MARIN) per ~01-11-2020
  • Yang (George) Lu (Early Stage Researcher II, Leeds/MARIN) per ~01-11-2020
  • Dr Tim Bunnik with Sanne van Essen and Bulent Duz (supervisor MARIN)
  • Prof Onno Bokhove with help from Prof Mark Kelmanson (PI, supervisor University of Leeds)

  • Activities

    • - 26-03-2021 Midterm progress meeting with EU. Online.
    • - Second, full Kick-off meeting MARIN planned Oct 2020 (shifted online due to pandemic delays to 18-01-2021)


    • - February-April: course on Fluid Structure Interactions.
    • - 20-01-2021 ESRs partook in exam course Fluid Dynamics, numerical parts N1 and N2 completed, N3 pending.
    • - Electronic kick-off meeting 18-01-2021 see GitHub
    • - Electronic kick-off meeting 02-03-2020 see GitHub

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    Template by Andreas Viklund. Panorama: Fugro GEOS. Photos: Breaking wave hitting a mono-pile offshore structure in the North Sea, www.flyingfocus.nl. Extreme wave hitting a wind turbine tower during model tests (MARIN)