Integrable Systems Group

School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

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The Integrable Systems Group is a research group of the Department of Applied Mathematics .

Permanent Members of Staff

Oleg Chalykh
Linear hyperbolic equations, multivariable special functions, Cherednik and hecke algebras, rings of differential operators, noncommutative geometry.
Allan Fordy
Hamiltonian systems, bi-Hamiltonian systems, separation of variables, integrable maps, symmetries and Lie algebras.
Alexander Mikhailov
Symmetries, classification of integrable systems, soliton theory and applications.
Frank Nijhoff
Integrable discrete systems, quantum groups and exactly solvable quantum systems, linear and nonlinear special functions.
Simon Ruijsenaars
Quantum integrable systems, analytic difference equations, special functions.

Visiting Professor

Nalini Joshi    (The University of Sydney)
For a definitive description of nalini's research interests, see her web page, but these include singularity analysis, differential and difference Painlevé equations and asymptotics.

Research Students (Supervisors)

Rikesh Bhatt (Sasha Mikhailov)
Normal Forms of Multi-Scales Expansions.
Rhys Bury (Sasha Mikhailov)
Reduction problem and the Inverse Transform Method.
Sarah Lobb (Frank Nijhoff)
Quantization of integrable quadrilateral lattices and associated quantum mappings.
Michael Scott (Allan Fordy)
Classical and quantum integrable systems on manifolds with symmetry.
Sikorin Uyoo-Kong (Frank Nijhoff)
PT symmetric and discrete-time quantum mechanics; quantum computation.

Former Members of the Group

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