University of Leeds Workshop on

Algebraic Interfaces of Integrability

Friday 15th/Saturday 16th May, 2015

The School of Mathematics is under refurbishment this year, so we are located in several places across campus (see the map given below).

This meeting will take place in the Physics Research Deck (PRD), as indicated below.

This is one of 3 meetings, jointly organised by the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, and Loughborough on Classical and Quantum Integrability ( CQI ).

Abstracts (when available) are hyperlinked to the speakers below.

Friday, 15th May, 2015

Lectures will take place in the MALL, Physics Research Deck.

2.00pm: Valentin Ovsienko (Reims)
Cluster superalgebras and supersymmetric frieze patterns.
3.00pm: Oleg Chalykh (Leeds)
KP hierarchy for the cyclic quiver.
4.00pm: TEA (PRD)
4.30pm: Alexander Mikhailov (Leeds)
Darboux transformations for Lax operators associated with Kac-Moody algebras.

This session will finish at 5.30pm

Saturday, 16th. May, 2015

Lectures will take place in the MALL 1, Physics Research Deck.

9.30am: Oleg Sheinman (Steklov, Moscow)
Lax operator algebras and integrable systems.
10.30am: Jing Ping Wang (Kent)
Representations of sl(2,C) in the BGG category O and master symmetries.
11.30am: COFFEE (PRD)
12.00: Jan Grabowski (Lancaster)
Clusters, combinatorics, grading, twisting and quantization

The meeting will finish at about 1.00pm

Contact Allan Fordy (email: ) for further details, hotel bookings, etc.

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