University of Leeds
Workshop on Integrable Systems

Friday/Saturday 9/10th May, 2008

This is one of 4 meetings, jointly organised by the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, Leeds, and Loughborough on Classical and Quantum Integrability ( CQI ).

These are partially funded by the London Mathematical Society , so there will be some support available to enable research students and post-docs to attend these meetings.

Abstracts (when available) are hyperlinked to the speakers below.

Friday, 9th May, 2008

Lectures will take place in the MALL, level 8, School Mathematics.

2.00pm: Thanasis Fokas (DAMTP, Cambridge)
Inversion of Certain Integrals and Integrability in 4+2 and 3+1 Dimensions
3.00pm: Alexander Mikhailov (Leeds)
Solutions of two-dimensional periodic Volterra system
4.00pm: TEA (Level 9, School of Mathematics)
4.30pm: Frank Nijhoff (Leeds)
On soliton solutions of integrable lattice equations
5.30pm: Chris Eilbeck (Heriot-Watt)
Birthday Greetings to John Scott Russell

This session will finish at about 5.40pm

Saturday, 10th. May, 2008

Lectures will take place in the MALL, level 8, School Mathematics.

9.30am: Victor Buchstaber (Manchester)
Solutions of two-dimensional Lame and heat type equations
10.30am: Jon Nimmo (Glasgow)
Darboux transformations, noncommutative integrable systems and quasideterminants
11.30am: COFFEE (Level 9, School of Mathematics)
12.00: Simon Ruijsenaars (Leeds)
A new approach to joint eigenfunctions of commuting Hamiltonians of elliptic Calogero-Moser type

The meeting will finish at about 1.00pm

Contact Allan Fordy (email: ) for further details, hotel bookings, etc.

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