University of Leeds
Workshop on Integrable Systems

12/13th May, 2006

This is one of 4 meetings, jointly organised by the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, Leeds, and Loughborough on Classical and Quantum Integrability ( CQI ).

These are partially funded by the London Mathematical Society , so there will be some support available to enable research students and post-docs to attend these meetings.

Abstracts (when available) are hyperlinked to the speakers below.

Friday, 12th May, 2006

Lectures will take place in LT13 of the Roger Stevens Building, adjacent to Mathematics.

2.00pm: Harry Braden (Edinburgh)
Monopoles and an identity of Ramanujan
3.00pm: Martin Speight (Leeds)
Geometric variational calculus for the Faddeev-Hopf model
4.00pm: TEA (Level 9, School of Mathematics)
4.30pm: Maciej Nieszporski (Leeds)
Moutard-Darboux transformations for discretizations of 2D second order differential equations

This session will finish at about 5.30pm

Saturday, 13th. May, 2006

Lectures will take place in Room J (Mathematics 8.21f).

9.30am: Vassilios G. Papageorgiou (Patras)
Yang-Baxter maps and integrable difference equations
10.30am: Clare Dunning (Kent)
Integrable Atomic-molecular Hamiltonians and PT-symmetric quantum mechanics
11.30am: COFFEE (Level 9, School of Mathematics)
12.00: Jenya Ferapontov (Loughborough)
On integrability of hydrodynamic chains: the Haantjes tensor
1.00pm: Chris Field (Leeds)
Time-sliced path integrals with stationary states

The meeting will finish at about 1.30pm

Contact Allan Fordy (email: ) for further details, hotel bookings, etc.

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