Allan P. Fordy

Department of Applied Mathematics and
Centre for Nonlinear Studies
The University of Leeds,
Leeds LS2 9JT,

Tel: (+44) (113) 343 5115,
Fax: (+44) (113) 343 5090

I am a member of the Integrable Systems Group of the Applied Mathematics Department. Here is a brief summary of my research, teaching and other activities.

Research Interests Completely integrable Hamiltonian systems; quantum integrable systems; canonical transformations and integrable maps; Lie algebraic and differential geometric methods.
Research Students A list of past and present research students with thesis titles.
Teaching MATH2490 Mathematics for Geophysical Sciences 4
MATH3355 Hamiltonian Systems
MATH5356 Advanced Hamiltonian Systems
Integrable systems Group Information on the Integrable Systems Group and its seminar.
Editorial Work I am an Editor of the Nonlinear Science Section of Physics Letters A
I am an Editor of SIGMA

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