MATH3394 Applied Dynamical Systems

This module extends the study of dynamical systems started in module MATH2390 . The module description can be found at MATH3394 Applied Dynamical Systems.

LOCBIF Project.

Practical coursework, based on the use of the package LOCBIF, accounts for 30% of the assessment. Here are the relevant handouts, which are updated as the semester progresses.

  1. Notes on the use of LOCBIF ( Postscript Version )
  2. The Complete LOCBIF Manual
  3. Practical Coursework for MATH3394

Homework Sheets.

Here are the homework sheets handed out to date.

  1. MATH3394 Examples 1
  2. MATH3394 Examples 2
  3. MATH3394 Examples 3

Useful Web Pages

Some interesting and useful web pages on dynamical systems are:

  1. Plots of the Lorenz Model
  2. World Mathematical Year 2000: Posters
  3. Chaos Hypertextbook
  4. Chaos: A pictorial introduction
  5. sci.nonlinear FAQ
  6. Order: Course outline
  7. Feigenbaum constants
  8. Chaos Gallery (Grebogi website)
  9. Visualization of Complex Dynamical Systems
  10. Basel Pendulum Laboratory

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