International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos

Aims and Scope

The discipline of chaos has created a universal paradigm, a scientific parlance, and a mathematical tool for grappling with nonlinear phenomena. In every field of the applied sciences (astronomy, atmospheric sciences, biology, chemistry, economics, geophysics, life and medical sciences, physics, social sciences, zoology, etc.) and engineering (aerospace, chemical, electronic, civil, computer, information, mechanical, software, telecommunication, etc.) the local and global manifestations of Chaos and Bifurcation have burst forth in an unprecedented universality, linking scientists heretofore unfamiliar with one another's fields, and offering an opportunity to reshape our grasp of reality.

The primary objective of this journal is to provide a single forum for this multidisciplinary discipline - a forum specifically designed for an interdisciplinary audience, a forum accessible and affordable to all. Real-world problems and applications will be emphasized. Our goal is to bring together, in one periodical, papers of the highest quality and greatest importance on every aspect of nonlinear dynamics, phenomena, modeling, and complexity, thereby providing a focus and catalyst for the timely dissemination and cross-fertilization of new ideas, principles, and techniques across a broad interdisciplinary front.

The scope of this Journal encompasses experimental, computational, and theoretical aspects of bifurcations, chaos and complexity of biological, economic, engineering, fluid dynamic, neural, physical, social, and other dynamical systems. This broad but focused coverage includes, but is not restricted to, those areas of expertise provided by the members of the editorial board, whose composition will evolve continuously in order to respond to emerging new areas and directions in nonlinear dynamics and complexity. The philosophy and policy of this journal, as well as its commitment to readability and clarity, are articulated in an Editorial in the first issue (vol. 1, no. 1, 1991).


  1. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos is a quarterly journal consisting of
  2. Once a paper or letter to the Editor is accepted for publication, the author is assumed to have transferred the copyright for it to the publisher.
  3. Essential color pictures will be published at no cost to the authors.
  4. There are no page charges for this journal.
  5. 50 complimentary reprints will be given to the author(s) of each paper. For a multi-author paper, these will be sent to the author designated as the contact person. Orders for additional reprints may be made on forms which will be sent along with the proofs.

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