University of Leeds
Workshop on Integrable Systems

5/6 March, 1999

This is one of 4 meetings, jointly organised by the Universities of Hull, Leeds and York on Classical and Quantum Integrability. These are partially funded by the London Mathematical Society , so there will be some support available to enable research students and post-docs to attend these meetings.

Friday, 5th March, 1999

Lectures will take place in LT7 of the Roger Stevens Building, adjacent to Mathematics.

2.00pm: S.B. Kuksin (Heriot-Watt)
KAM theory for nearly integrable PDEs
2.45pm: V.M. Rothos (Cambridge)
Homoclinic orbits for PDEs and PDEs
3.30pm: TEA (Level 9, School of Mathematics)
4.00pm M. Dunajski (Oxford)
Dispersionless integrable systems in twistor theory
4.45pm: T. Ioannidou (Kent)
Monopoles and harmonic maps

Saturday, 6th. March, 1999

Lectures will take place in Room G (Mathematics 8.22d).

9.30am: V.V. Sokolov (Moscow)
Darboux integrable nonlinear hyperbolic equations
10.15am: A. Zanna (Cambridge)
Lie-group methods with application to integrable systems
11.00am: COFFEE (Level 9, School of Mathematics)
11.30am: M. Blaszak (Poznan)
Separability theory of unsplit multi-Hamiltonian chains
12.15pm: C. Athorne (Glasgow)
Hirota operators and representations of sl(2)
1.00pm: S.K. Turitsyn (Aston)
Path-averaged theory of dispersion-managed solitons

Contact Allan Fordy (email: ) for a TEX file of the programme and further details.

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