CNLS: Origins and Aims

1. History and Character

The CNLS was formally set up by the Council of The University of Leeds on November 17th 1984 and its first director was Professor D.G. Crighton . Its creation was motivated by the recognition that scientific research in a number of fields across a wide range of disciplines was dependent on, or could be illuminated by, the ideas and concepts associated with the applied mathematics of low-order nonlinear dynamics and by the wish to exploit the rapidly developing advances in that area. The Centre was built upon, and formalised, a number of existing collaborations within the university and sought to share appropriate expertise between such groups and to develop and foster further collaboration, particularly across traditional academic disciplines.

The CNLS is not a formal employer, nor does it have its own research facilities. Its success depends entirely on the enthusiasm and activity of its members, whose responsibilities to their own academic departments has remained undiminished. The Centre is not funded directly in any formal sense: the financial resources available are limited to small sums principally intended to pay for visiting lecturers. More substantial grants for the support of research programmes are held by individual members on the CNLS within their parent departments.

Through its regular meetings and workshops, the Centre has begun to act as a national focus for the `nonlinear community', not least through the role played by Professor John Brindley as chairman of the EPSRC Applied Nonlinear Mathematics panel.

The Centre has various formal and informal links with other similar `centres' at other institutions within the UK and abroad.

2. Aims

The aims of the Centre as originally defined:

To a great extent these continue accurately to reflect the major focus of activity within the Centre.

Visiting Fellows and Professors

The Centre benefits from advice and active participation of its Visiting Professors and Fellows: D.S. Broomhead, J.F. Clarke FRS, P.Gray FRS and J.M.T. Thompson FRS.

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