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EC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics of spatially extended systems

As part of an EC "Training & Mobility of Researchers" network of the above title, the EC has funded a number of postdoctoral research fellowships for the period from now until September 1999 to be held at the following research centres: Nonlinear Systems Laboratory (NSL), University of Warwick; Nonlinear Centre (NLC), University of Cambridge; and Dynamical Systems Group, Queen Mary & Westfield College, London.

Some fellowships are still available, particularly those associated with QMW. If you are interested in working with any of the three groups then details of these posts can be found at In particular, candidates must be EU citizens be under 35 and not have spent too much time working in the UK. More precise details are contained in the above web page.

(A related item in this issue announces the formation of TUXEDO: The UK Spatially Extended Dynamics Organisation - UKNONL.)

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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Federal Republic of Germany

Research Fellowships

Description:Approximately 500 research fellowships are awarded annually to highly qualified foreign scholars holding doctorates and under the age of forty. The fellowship allows the recipient to carry out research work in the Federal Republic of Germany for a period of 6-12 months. All disciplines, all nationalities, no quotas.

Eligibility: Applications requirements include high academic qualifications, academic publications, a specific research plan, and, for humanities scholars, a good command of the German language.

Grant amount: Monthly stipends range from DM ,200 to DM 4,000 net. Family allowances, travel expenses, and language courses are covered by the fellowship.

Deadline: Applications may be submitted at any time; however, the actual selection committees meet in March, July and November.

Application Information: Applications may be obtained from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Jean-Paul-Str. 12, D-53173 Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany.

Haverford College, Haverford, USA

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Fluid Dynamics and Granular Materials

A two-year position starting Spring 1998, or earlier, is available requiring an experimental Ph.D. and demonstrated interest in nonlinear physics or fluids. Mentored teaching opportunities are available. Send c.v., description of research experience and career goals (and have 2 letters sent) ASAP to J.P. Gollub, Haverford College, Haverford, PA 19041 ( Haverford is a selective college with able students in the Philadelphia suburbs which is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Haverford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. For information about our research program, please consult the following Web site:

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Hewlett Packard Laboratories, USA

Non-linear Problems of Industrial Physics

The National Science Foundation, the College of William and Mary, and Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories in Palo Alto are sponsoring a three year postdoctoral position focused on applications of non-linear dynamics. The initial project involves automated modeling procedures for characterising non-linear electrical (e.g., microwave) and mechanical components. Candidates should have a PhD in physics, electrical engineering, or applied mathematics with solid skills and experience in two or more of the following areas: non-linear dynamics, mathematical modelling, microwave engineering, scientific and object oriented programming, DSP's and embedded processors, or measurement instrumentation.

For additional details contact
Nicholas Tufillaro
Hewlett Packard Laboratories
Palo Alto CA 94304-1126

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Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States

Postdoctoral Appointments

Description: Research opportunities are granted in many areas of chemistry, mathematics, computer science, materials science, biological sciences, environmental science, geoscience, and many engineering fields. Appointments are available for two years, subject to renewal for a third year. A postdoctoral committee meets to review candidates for postdoctoral appointments in February, May, August, and December.

Eligibility Candidates must be recipients of a doctoral degree within the past three years.

Grant amount: Starting salary: $41,250-$44,570.

Application Information: Los Alamos National Laboratory is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For initial consideration, send résumé with publication listing to Mary Anne With, Mail Stop P-282, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545.

Magdalene College Cambridge


The Governing Body of Magdalene College expects to elect two stipendiary Research Fellows with tenure for three years from 1 October 1998. (The Nevile Fellowship, endowered through the generosity of Trinity College, Cambridge, will be in the Sciences; the Lumley Fellowship, endowed through the generosity of H.R.L. Lumley, will be in the Humanities.)

Applications are invited from graduates, male or female, from any university. Candidates should normally have completed two or three years of research and may have written a Ph.D dissertation. Short-listed candidates will be called for an interview; and the expenses of travel within the United Kingdom only will be paid by the College.

The current gross stipend for a Research Fellow is 11,732 pounds p.a. rising by two annual increments to 13,420 pounds p.a. This stipend will be reviewed annually in line with University stipends. A reduced scale of stipend will apply to Research Fellows who are full time students. A deduction of 1,100 pounds p.a. will be made if the Fellow is resident in College. The net stipend paid to a Research Fellow will take into account of any grant or stipend which the Fellow receives from other sources.

A Research Fellow will receive all the privileges associated with an Official Fellowship and, in the case of a Research Fellow who has not yet taken the Ph.D. degree, the College may pay certain approved University Fees.

Applications must be made to The Master's Secretary, Magdalene College, Cambridge CB3 0AG, using the special application form obtainable from the Master's Secretary. A completed application form together with a curriculum vitae and a statement of about 500 words describing the candidate's current and proposed research, must be received not later than 29 August 1997.

Magdalene College is an Equal Opportunities Employer

National Research Council, USA

Programmes for Postdoctoral and Senior Research Associateships

Description: The National Research Council conducts the Resident, Cooperative and Postdoctoral Research Assistantship programmes on behalf of over 100 federal agencies or research institutions whose participating research laboratories are located throughout the United States. The programmes provide opportunities for Ph.D scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability to perform research on problems largely of their own choosing yet compatible with the research interests of the sponsoring laboratory. Approximately 420 new full-time associateships will be awarded on a competitive basis in 1997 for research in: chemistry; earth and atmospheric sciences; engineering; applied sciences and computer science; life, medical, and behavioural sciences; mathematics; space and planetary sciences; and physics. Awards are made for one or two years, renewable to a maximum of three years; senior applicants who have held the doctorate at least five years may request shorter periods.

Eligibility: Most of the programmes are open to both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens and to both recent Ph.D. degree recipients and senior investigators.

Gran amount: Annual stipends for recent PhD.s for the 1997 programme year range from $30,000 to $45,000, depending upon the sponsoring laboratory, and will be appropriately higher for Senior Associates. Financial support is provided for allowable relocation expenses and for limited professional travel during the duration of the award. The host laboratory provides the associate with programmatic assistance including facilities, support services, necessary equipment, and travel necessary for the conduct of the approved research programme.

Deadline: Applications submitted by January 15 will be reviewed in February, by April 15 in June, and by August 15 in October.

Application information Information on specific research opportunities and participating laboratories, as well as application materials, may be obtained from: National Research Council, Associateship Programmes (TJ 2114/M), 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20418; fax: 202-334-2759; e-mail:; Information also on Internet:

University College London

Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications

Research Assistant: Modal Interactions in Nonlinear Shell Vibrations

A six month vacancy has arisen at the end of an EPSRC grant on nonlinear modal interactions in shell vibrations. Early work on the grant looked at the parametric vibration of cylindrical shells using nonlinear Galerkin techniques of dimension reduction, searching for approximate inertial manifolds. Later work has focused on chaotic energy transfer in unforced and undamped Hamiltonian shells.

These two phases of work are now complete, and the new assistant would be expected to initiate, and complete, a new study which could be essentially self-contained. Depending on the expertise of the assistant, this could be, for example, either a mathematical study using ideas of inertial manifolds, or a more practical engineering study using finite elements. The work is being done in collaboration with Allan McRobie, who is now a lecturer in Structural Engineering at the Cambridge Engineering Department.

We are seeking to recruit a post-doctoral researcher, and because of the short time scale involved the ideal candidate would have a strong background in a very closely related field. The starting date of this six-month appointment would ideally be 1 October 1997, but there could be some flexibility in timing. Salary level is about 18,000 pounds p.a. including the London allowance. Candidates should send a their CV (including the names and addresses of two referees) as soon as possible to,

Professor J.M.T. Thompson, FRS,
Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications,
Civil Engineering Department,
University College London,
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT.

e-mail applications (in plain-text format) can be sent to

University of Manchester

Department of Physics

Stochastic Dynamics in Nonlinear Physical Systems

A post-doctoral position is now available for an experimentalist to join Professor Tom Mullin's group at the Physics Department at the University of Manchester. The project is funded for three years by the EPSRC ANM Initiative and will be carried out in collaboration with Professor Dave Broomhead and Dr. Matt Nicol of the Department of Mathematics at UMIST. The study is concerned with macroscopic dynamics induced in nematic liquid crystal flows by microscopic fluctuations. Information on the research work of the Nonlinear Dynamics Group can be found at and further information on the particular project can be obtained by e-mail from Closing date for applications is 5th September 1997.

Source: Tom Mullin (

University of Cambridge

Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Dynamics of Non-Expanding Maps: Theory and Application to Discrete Event Systems

Dr. Colin Sparrow (Cambridge, DPMMS) and Dr Jeremy Gunawardena (Hewlett-Packard's Basic Research Institute in the Mathematical Sciences) have been awarded a 3 year post-doctoral position (funded under the EPSRC ANM programme) for the above project. The successful applicant will be based in Cambridge, and will visit HP-BRIMS, near Bristol, on a regular basis. The start date of the grant is not yet established, but we would hope to have someone in post by October 1988 at the very latest. Preliminary expressions of interest and enquiries should be addressed to More details will be available when we receive complete details of the grant from the EPSRC. The position might be suitable for recent (or very soon to be completed) PhDs in dynamics, functional analysis, or any of the application areas which include, for example, discrete event systems, optimisation and operations research.

Source: Colin Sparrow (


Department of Mathematics

Moving Boundaries with Non-Monotonic Curvature-Dependent Propagation Speed

Funding may be available for a post doctoral position of fairly limited duration (about one year) if a suitable interested candidate comes forward. There would be no limitations on citizenship connected with this position.

A brief descriptions of the nature of this projects is available via the web page

Anyone who is eligible and interested in applying for this position should contact:

Prof J W Dold
Maths Department, UMIST
Manchester, M60 1QD

Fax: (+44 161) 200 3669
Tel: (+44 161) 200 3654

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