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Mario di Bernardo appointed to a 5 year temporary lectureship at Bristol

Following the award of a 5-year EPSRC Advanced Fellowship to Alan Champneys ( covered last issue) Mario di Bernardo has been appointed to a 5 year temporary Lectureship in the Department of Engineering Mathematics, starting 1 August 1997, at Bristol University.

Mario's research interests include:

Source: John Hogan (

Sophia Demoulini appointed to an EU TMR Fellowship at Oxford

Sophia Demoulini (UC Davis) will take up an EU TMR Fellowship at Oxford for two years starting in January 1998. She works on Young measure solutions of nonlinear PDE and on problems arising in superconductivity.

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Gero Friesecke appointed to a lectureship in Applied Mathematics at Oxford

Gero Friesecke (ETH, Zurich) has been appointed to a University Lectureship in Applied Mathematics and Fellowship at St Catherine's College, Oxford with effect from 1 October 1997. His research interests are in the analysis of variational and dynamic problems arising in phase transformations of solids, and in the relation between atomistic and continuum models of materials.

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Gary Froyland awarded JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of Tokyo

Dr Gary Froyland, of the Department of Mathematics at The University of Western Australia has been awarded a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of Tokyo. He is currently a Research Officer in the Department of Mathematics and will leave UWA in October 1997 to work for two years with Professor Kazuyuki Aihara in the Department of Mathematical Engineering. Dr Froyland's research interests lie in the areas of differentiable dynamical systems and ergodic theory (theoretical and computational aspects). His work in Japan will include developing rigorous computational methods to describe the long term behaviour of dynamical systems.

Source: Dr Gary Froyland.

John Griffiths awarded a Personal Chair at Leeds

John Griffiths has been awarded a Personal Chair in the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds as from 1 August 1997. Though John would not regard himself as a nonlinear mathematician, his great experimental talents, coupled with his ability to work fruitfully with theoreticians, have led to substantial understanding of many intrinsically nonlinear problems in chemistry and combustion. His pioneering work in oscillatory ignition and autoignition (relating to knock in engines) perhaps stand out, if only slightly, from his wider contributions to our understanding of cool flames and low temperature combustion in general. Many of us look forward to further rewarding collaboration with John whose enthusiasm and genuine love for his research make working with him a rare pleasure.

Source: John Brindley.

James Robinson appointed to a Praelectorship in Applied Analysis at Oxford

James Robinson (Cambridge) has been appointed to a Praelectorship in Applied Analysis at Lincoln College, Oxford, for three years starting 1 October 1997. He works on attractors and inertial manifolds for nonlinear partial differential equations.

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Visits and Visitors

Alex Craik visits Kyoto University, Japan

Alex Craik (St Andrews) will spend a period of research leave at Kyoto University. He will be collaborating mainly with Professor M. Funakoshi on aspects of hydrodynamic stability and on nonlinear wave interactions in fluids.

From 1 September 1997 through 31 January 1997 his address will be

Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics,
Graduate School of Engineering,
Kyoto University,
Kyoto, 606-01,

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Rod Weber and Gregory Sivashinsky visit UMIST

Dr. Rodney Weber of the Australian Defence Force Academy of the University of New South Wales will be visiting the Mathematics Department in UMIST between Mid August and the end of September, 1997.

Professor Gregory Sivashinsky of Tel Aviv University will be visiting during the first three weeks in September 1997.

Both Dr. Weber and Prof Sivashinsky have an interest in the modelling of various forms of combustion and they will be joining Bill Dold in some of his research in this area.

In conjunction with the visits of Rod Weber and Gregory Sivashinsky there will be a one-day meeting on combustion theory will be held on Friday 5th September. See else-where in this issue for further details.

(Rodney Weber's visit was also covered last issue - UKNONL.)

Source: Bill Dold (

Graduation Project in "Dynamical Characterisation of Electronic Oscillators"

A graduate project, of duration 6-8 months, in "Dynamical Characterisation of Electronic Oscillators" is available at University College Dublin. A grant equivalent to the Socrates/ERASMUS rate is available.

Project description: It has recently been shown that classical electronic oscillators can exhibit chaotic behaviour. The aim of this project is to characterise the dynamical behaviour of a large class of electronic oscillators. In particular, the work will be structured as follows:

The ideal candidate would have an excellent background in Electronics, an interest in nonlinear dynamics and chaos, a good knowledge of English, and be able to start work in October 1997.

For further information contact

Gian Mario MAGGIO
Dept. of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
University College Dublin, Belfield - Dublin 4

Tel : +353-1-706-1998
Fax : +353-1-2830921
E-mail :

Source: Gian Mario Maggio (

LMS supports Joint Research Group in Mathematical Physics

A Joint Research Group on Mathematical Physics (with strong interests in Nonlinear Systems) has received support from the London Mathematical Society under scheme 3. The JRG will run monthly one day seminars, with some longer events during the year, and continue the series of Mathematical Physics seminars ran at Loughborough in 1996/97 (covered last issue.)

The JRG comprises staff from Loughborough University, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. Further information is available through the coordinator, Giuseppe Gaeta (

Source: Giuseppe Gaeta (

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