UK Nonlinear News , August 1997.


CHAOS: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science

"The journal CHAOS offers broad coverage of original research in interdisciplinary nonlinear science, with papers drawn from the fields of physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, engineering, economics, and the social sciences. Papers describing experimental results or stressing applications of nonlinear science to observable phenomena are particularly encouraged.

"Two special features of CHAOS help to provide authors and readers the valuable combination of in-depth coverage and broad accessibility. The first is the publication of "focus issues", typically twice a year. These issues each contain, in addition to regular submitted papers, a focus section with articles that fall within the scope of a selected topic in nonlinear science. Upcoming focus topics include "Control and Synchronisation of Chaos", "Fibrillation in Normal Ventricular Myocardium", and "Granular Flow"."

"The second special feature of CHAOS is the publication of "lead paragraphs" targeted at nonspecialists. For each article, the lead paragraph presents in broad terms the motivation for the work, the approach and methodology, the primary results, and their implications. With attention to language that can be readily understood by scientists from a range of disciplines, the lead paragraphs help convey the essence of the articles to the journal's broad audience".

"CHAOS has recently been added to the ISI journal citation database, and the limited data available, i.e. the "immediacy index", shows CHAOS ahead of all other journals that focus on nonlinear science.

"Additional information may be found on the CHAOS Home Page on the World Wide Web: http://www.aip/org/journals/chaos".

May 1997 issue of Dynamics Notes released

The May 1997 issue of the SIAM Activity group on Dynamical Systems newsletter, Dynamics Notes, has appeared (1997#2). Dynamics Notes is available on the World Wide Web at URL Information on joining SIAM and on the Dynamical Systems Group can be obtained by sending email to

The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics celebrates 50 years of publishing.

It is now fifty years since the first issue of The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics (QJMAM). The QJMAM publishes high-quality original papers on all aspects of mechanics, especially theoretical mechanics.

The journal is a forum where mathematicians and engineers from many countries present their latest discoveries, and specialises in such areas as:

The tables of contents and abstracts of all articles from current issues of The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics are now available as part of the Oxford Journals Current Awareness Service on the World Wide Web.

Source: Jane Kirby (Assistant Promotions Manager, Oxford Journals).

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