UK Nonlinear News , August 1997.

Report on the workshop Report on the workshop "Symmetric Chaos and Dynamical Systems"

Surrey University

16th-17th June 1997

A two-day informal workshop was recently held at the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences of the University of Surrey to discuss aspects of the dynamical and bifurcation behaviour of nonlinear systems possessing symmetries.

The main speaker was M. Field (Houston), who spoke on "The Statistics of Chaotic Attractors"; additional talks were given by P. Aston (Surrey), D. Chillingworth (Southampton), P. Matthews (Nottingham), M. Nicol (UMIST), J. Brooke (Manchester), E. Reissner (Augsburg) and C. Lim (RPI). Themes discussed ranged from dynamical and ergodic properties of such systems to applications in astrophysics and geophysics. In addition to the talks, ample time was made available and used for discussion among the 25 participants. This workshop was the second meeting of the UK joint research group on the dynamics of symmetric systems, supported by an LMS Scheme 3 grant.

The workshop was supported by grants from the LMS, the EPSRC and the School of Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics at the University of Surrey.

Peter Ashwin, Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, University of Surrey.

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