UK Nonlinear News , August 1997.

Report on the workshop "Extracting Physical Properties of PDEs Using Functional Analysis"

Surrey University

6th-7th June 1997

Michele Bartuccelli

A two-day workshop was recently held at the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences of the University of Surrey. The Workshop focused on the use of functional analysis to find, study, and illuminate physical properties of dissipative partial differential equations. The main topics addressed were stability, pattern formation, length scales, spatial dynamics, blow-up, turbulence, combustion problems, finite-dimensional reductions and centre manifold theory for PDEs.

This Workshop was one of three summer meetings which have been organised as part of the activities of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Nonlinear Mathematics at Surrey University. The workshop was supported by grants from the LMS and the School of Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics at the University of Surrey.

List of speakers
C. Beck Velocity Distributions in Fully Developed Hydrodynamical Turbulence
C. Budd and V. Galaktionov Stability and Spectra of Blow-up in Problems with Quasi-Linear Gradient Diffusivity
C. Davies Boundary-Layer Stability Investigations Using a Novel Formulation of the Navier-Stokes Equations
R. Douglas Rearrangements of Functions, with Application to Energy Minimising Solutions of Atmospheric Flow
J. Furter Eigenvalues Estimates and Bifurcation
J. Gibbon Alignment of Vorticity in the 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations
M. Groves Centre-Manifold Reduction and Multi-Bumped Solitary-Wave Solutions to the Water-Wave Problem
T. Humphries Lower Semi-Continuity of Non-Gradient Attractors Under Perturbation
A. Ilyin Global Averaging of Dissipative Dynamical o Systems
R. Kerswell Variational Bounds on the Energy Dissipation in Shear Driven Turbulence
J. King and M. Bowen High Order Diffusion
S. Malham and J. Xin Reactive Boussinesq Systems
A. Mielke Dynamics of Dissipative PDEs on Unbounded Domains
J. Robinson Embedding Attractor Dynamics in Finite-Dimensional Spaces
J. Shebalin The Statistical Mechanics of Ideal Fluid Turbulence
J. Sherratt Oscillations and Chaos Behind Ecological Invasions
B. Straughan Interesting Instability Results in Penetrative Convection

Michele Bartuccelli, Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, University of Surrey.

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