UK Nonlinear News Issue 81, December 2015


  • SIAM Dynamical Systems activity group election results
    Chair: Mary Silber. (Runner-up: James Meiss)
    Vice Chair: Vivien Kirk (Runner-up: Kresimir Josic)
    Program director: Evelyn Sander (Runner-up: Martin Wechselberger)
    Secretary: Mason Porter (Runner-up: Daniel Abrams)
    Advisory Board:
    • Dwight Barkley
    • Igor Mezic
    • Hinke Osinga
    • Emily Stone
    • Peter van Heijster
    (Runners-up: Simone Bianco, Harry Dankowicz, Gianne Derks, Adilson Motter, Jan Bouwe van den Berg
  • Celebrating 150 years of the London Mathematical Society, Professor Edgar Knobloch will visit Loughborough from 21-25 March 2016 to give a series of lectures on Dynamics, Patterns and Spatially Localised Structures. There will also be supplementary lectures by:
    • Daniele Avitabile (Nottingham): "Numerical computation of coherent structures in spatially-extended systems"
    • Claude Baesens (Warwick): "Bifurcations of flows on the two-torus"
    • Thomas Bartsch (Loughborough): "Introduction to transition state theory"
    • Anatoly Neishtadt (Loughborough): "Slow-fast dynamical systems"
    • Alastair Rucklidge (Leeds): "Introduction to pattern formation"
    • Uwe Thiele (Münster): "Dynamics of soft matter systems: evolution equations and the bifurcations of depinning transitions"


Three new lecturers in Applied Mathematics at Leeds:


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Issue Eighty-two: March 2016

Issue Eighty-two is scheduled for March 2016. Submission of news (new courses, meetings, conferences, new appointments, jobs, new research directions etc.), comments or articles about any aspect of nonlinearity in the UK are very welcome and should arrive by 10 March 2016.