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Chair in Mechanics of Thin Films and Coatings for Mike Savage (1 January 1997)

Michael Savage took up a Developmental Chair in the Mechanics of Thin Films and Coatings, in the Department of Physics and Astronomy (Leeds University) on 1 January 1997.

His research interests and publications cover contact mechanics and elastohydrodynamic lubrication, rotor dynamics and non-linear oscillations, thin film coating flows and instabilities.

Professor Savage is also co-director of the 1997 lecture series on Coating Science and its Applications at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Brussels.

Source: University of Leeds Reporter, 398, 3 March 1997.

Paul Addison awarded EPSRC grant on Investigating and Modelling the Complex Dynamical Behaviour of Congested Road Traffic

Dr. P.S. Addison and Professor M.J. Maher ( Department of Civil and Transportation Engineering, Napier University, Edinburgh) have been awarded an 18 month EPSRC grant (Ref. GR/L36086) entitled Investigating and Modelling the Complex Dynamical Behaviour of Congested Road Traffic. This grant will involve investigation of a new mathematical model of the dynamic behaviour of congested road traffic. This is an example of a car-following model, that is, it concentrates on the motion of the individual vehicles rather than modelling the traffic flow as a continuum. A range of complex dynamical behaviour is exhibited.

This grant follows on from a previous 2 year LEVERHULME grant held by Paul Addison entitled: Investigation of a Separation-Distance Centred Non-Linear Car-Following Model. In this work techniques from non-linear dynamics were used to investigate the occurrence of order and chaos in car following models. This work has applications to driver-vehicle interaction and automated vehicle control.

Both grants have been/will be carried out by the post-doctoral research assistant Dr. D. Low.

Source: Paul Addison (

Professor N.N. Nekhoroshev visiting Loughborough University

Professor N.N. Nekhoroshev, of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mechanics at Lomonosov Moscow State University, is visiting Loughborough University (20th April-20th May 1997). Professor Nekhoroshev's visit is funded by the London Mathematical Society.

Professor Nekhoroshev is presently working on several aspects of Nonlinear Dynamics in finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional systems. In particular, beside continuing his investigations on long-time stability, he is studying complete and partial integrability in non-Hamiltonian systems, as well as discrete chain equations.

Anyone interested in contacting Professor Nekhoroshev, and maybe inviting him to visit other institutions, should contact him via the local host. Giuseppe Gaeta . Professor Nekhoroshev will speak in Guildford on May 19th and in Cambridge on a date to be agreed.

Source: Giuseppe Gaeta (

1997 Award of the William Bowie Medal of the American Geophysical Union

Professor Raymond Hide (1) of the University of Oxford has been selected by the American Geophysical Union to receive its highest award, the William Bowie Medal, which will be presented in May at a ceremony in the USA. The award recognises " his outstanding contributions to fundamental geophysics and his leadership and unselfish cooperation in research" (2). Three other British scientists have received the award in the past, Sir Harold Jeffreys in 1952, Professor Sydney Chapman in 1962, and Sir Edward Bullard in 1975 (3).

  1. Raymond Hide, CBE, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Physics in the University of Oxford and Fellow of Jesus College; past-president of the Royal Meterological Society (1974-76), European Geophysical Society (1982-84), Royal Astronomical Society (1983-85).
  2. Through his wide-ranging research in "geophysical fluid dynamics", including experimental and theoretical studies of basic hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamics processes in spinning fluids, Raymond Hide has contributed not only to meterology, oceanography, geomagnetism, geodesy and other areas of Earth and planetary science and astronomy, but also to developments in the theory of chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems. His current research includes new work on "low-dimensional models" of magnetohydrodynamic dynamo action produced by flow in the electrically-conducting fluid regions of the Earth and other large magnetic bodies in the solar system (the planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and some of the Jovian Galilean satellites).
  3. Previous recipients also include the geophysicists F.A. Vening-Meinesz, B. Gutenberg, M. Ewing, W.M. Elsasser, F. Birch, K.E. Bullen, M.A. Tuve, J.A. Van Allen, F. Press, H Alfven, E.N. Parker, D.L. Anderson, C Allegre and G Shoemaker; the geodesists W.A. Heiskanen, L.B. Slichter and I.I. Shapiro; the meteorologists J. Bjerknes and J.G. Charney; and the oceanographers H.U. Sverdrup, H.M Stommel and W.H. Munk.

A Series of one-day seminars devoted to Mathematical Physics at Loughborough University

A series of one-day seminars devoted to Mathematical Physics has been started by the Mathematical Sciences department at Loughborough University. For full information, see the Mathematical Physics Seminar home page.

The seminars will be devoted to Mathematical Physics in the widest sense, with special attention devoted to Nonlinear Systems. Topics covered will not be restricted to subjects of interest in the Mathematics and Physics departments of Loughborough (Condensed Matter, Chaotic and Disordered Systems, Field Theory, Fluids, Integrable Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, Relativity, Statistical Mechanics); additionally, there will be no strict borders put between Mathematical Physics, Mathematics, or Physics.

The seminars will take place on Wednesday afternoon; the next seminar will be held on 21 May, with talks by D.B. Applebaum, R. Hudson, H.H. Rugh, A.P. Veselov and G. Gaeta. Note that on Wednesday morning, the Physics department runs condensed matter theory seminars, and that some of the seminars of the Mathematics department are devoted to Nonlinear Systems.

Source: Giuseppe Gaeta (

Professor Mark Dykman visits Lancaster. (6-26 June 1997)

Professor Mark Dykman (ex-Kiev, ex-Stanford) of Michigan State University will be visiting the University of Lancaster between the 6th and 26th of June. Professor Dykman's research interests are condensed matter physics and statistical physics (more details can be found via his home page). Host and contact person is Peter McClintock (

Source: Peter McClintock (

Professor E.K. Sklyanin visits Leeds. (June 1997-June 1998)

Professor E.K. Sklyanin ( Steklov Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg) is going to visit Department of Applied Mathematical Studies, University of Leeds, for 1 year starting June 1997. His main research interests are in: applications of quantum groups to classical and quantum integrability, algebraic origins of integrability, integrable 2D quantum field theories and exactly solvable models of statistical physics, and in the method of separation of variables in classical and quantum mechanics. He will present a short course of lectures on integrable systems in autumn 1997), further details will be announced later.

Source: Vadim Kuznetsov (

John Hogan speaking at IUTAM meeting on Applications of Nonlinear & Chaotic Dynamics in Mechanics. (July 1997)

John Hogan has been asked to speak at the IUTAM meeting on Applications of Nonlinear & Chaotic Dynamics in Mechanics in Ithaca, NY in July 1997.

Source: John Hogan (

Rod Weber visits Manchester. (August-September 1997)

Rod Weber (University College, UNSW, Australia) will be visiting Bill Dold (Mathematics, UMIST) between the 17th August and the 25th September. Rod has been a member of the Mathematics in Industry Study group (MISG) in Australia for the last 9 years, working on problems in many areas. He is particularly interested in classical applied mathematics relating to heat transfer and combustion processes and will be working with Bill on combustion propagation.

Source: Rod Weber (

Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship for Jaroslav Stark (1st October 1997 to 30th September 1998).

J. Stark, Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications, UCL has been awarded a Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship for one year from October 1st. (See also Lectureships).

Source Jaroslav Stark (

EPSRC Advanced Fellowship for Alan Champneys (October 1997-October 2002).

Alan Champneys currently a lecturer in the Applied Nonlinear Mathematics group in the Department of Engineering Mathematics at Bristol University, has been awarded an EPSRC Advanced fellowship for 5 years to work on `Analysis of Localised Phenomena and their Applications'. He shall remain in Bristol, with increased opportunities for collaborative visits. He will use award to continue his research in the application of nonlinear dynamics and chaos to problems of significance in engineering and applied science; in particular the theoretical and numerical analysis of homoclinic and heteroclinic bifurcations and their application in nonlinear elastic buckling, hydrodynamic waves and nonlinear optics. (See elsewhere in this edition of U.K. Nonlinear news for details of HomCont --- a toolbox for numerical homoclinic bifurcation analysis --- now fully integrated in the latest release of AUTO).

The Department of Engineering Mathematics will shortly be advertising for a Temporary Lectureship to be held during the tenure of Alan's Fellowship. Informal enquiries can be directed NOW to John Hogan at

Source: Alan Champneys ( and John Hogan (

Sergei B Kuksin (Steklov Institute) and Jonathan A Sherratt (Warwick) appointed to chairs at herriot-Watt. (1 January 1998)

Sergei B. Kuksin ( Steklov Institute) and Jonathan A. Sherratt (Warwick) have both been appointed to chairs in the Department of Mathematics, with effect from January 1, 1998.

Source: Chris Eilbeck (

An Interview with Vladimir Arnol'd

Professor Vladimir Arnol'd has made fundamental contributions in singularity theory, bifurcation theory, mechanics (KAM theory, averaging, normal forms, symmetry), stability theory, topology, algebraic geometry, magneto-hydrodynamics, partial differential equations, Coxeter groups, and other areas. An interview with Professor Arnol'd appears in Notices of the American Mathematical Society Volume 44, Number 4, April 1997: 432-438.

A conference in honour of Vladimir Arnol'd, on the occasion of his 60th birthday, has been organised by the Fields Institute.

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