UK Nonlinear News , May 1997.

A big success: ANM Spring School 1997 in Loughborough

By Sakse Oerstavik

The 6th ANM Spring School in Nonlinear Mathematics was held at Loughborough University from 14-18 April and attracted more than 70 postgraduate students from a wide range of backgrounds to be enthused and educated in the theory and diverse applications of nonlinear applied mathematics.

The two main speakers were Professor James Yorke from Maryland and Dr. Kurt Wiesenfeld from Georgia Tech who each gave 5 lectures on respectively chaotic dynamical systems and coupled nonlinear systems. Both speakers gave very stimulating talks. James Yorke covered amongst other things control of chaos, fractal basin boundaries, shadowing, and time series analysis; in all of which he has made significant contributions. Kurt Wiesenfeld focused on coupled oscillators, synchronisation and self-organised criticality, where he has made significant contributions.

The other speakers were Professor David Broomhead (UMIST) who talked about state-dependent sampling and nonlinear signal processing, Dr. Paul Bressloff (Loughborough) on neurodynamics, Professor Robert MacKay (Cambridge) on stability of discrete breathers. Professor Michael Kearney (Loughborough) talked about applications covering fractal image compression and synchronisation, Dr. N. Stein (Lancaster) gave a talk on noise-driven dynamical systems, Mark Sofroniou (Wolfram Research) demonstrated the newest version of Mathematica, Dr. Greg King (Warwick) talked about nonlinear fluid dynamics and lastly Professor Sir Michael Berry (Bristol) gave an overview of quantum chaology.

The many talks generated a lot of debate between the students and the speakers and also amongst the students themselves. Discussions were often carried out until the small hours. Apart from the many stimulating lectures, the food, accommodation and organisation of the event were excellent and the organisers can be proud of a very well put together week.

This was the last in the series of Spring Schools funded by the EPSRC as part of its Applied Nonlinear Mathematics Initiative. The question now is, `What will happen next year?'

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