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MSc Courses in Nonlinear Mathematics

By UK Nonlinear News

The details in this article were sent to UK Nonlinear News in response to a request for information on MSc courses in, or containing, nonlinear mathematics.


Department of Mathematics

MSc by Advanced Study and Research in Industrial & Environmental Modelling

6 months lectures: Industrial and environmental fluid dynamics, applications to rivers, ground water and atmospheric flows, ventilation, food processing, geological flows, fire plumes, solidification/melting; oscillations, waves and instabilities; numerical and computational methods; nonlinear dynamics and chaos.

5 month project.

EPSRC Advanced Course Studentships are available. For additional details see or contact Dr. R.R. Kerswell(

University College London

Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Full details on this course are available at However, there are no EPSRC studentships available for the course this year.


M.Sc in the Mathematics of Nonlinear Models

This course aims to give students a thorough grounding in the mathematical concepts and techniques underlying many of the recent advances in nonlinear mathematics and experience of mathematical modelling of practical problems. The course has three main components: a core attended by all students, a variety of special topic courses and a project. The heart and flavour of the course comes from the special topics and the project in which the students apply the theory learned in the compulsory courses to problems of practical interest. The project may be group based so as to allow students the opportunity to work as a team on more realistic problems. Further details are available at

EPSRC Advanced Course Studentships are available for this MSc programme.

For further information and application forms contact:

The Secretary
The Mathematical Teaching Organisation,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
The University of Edinburgh,
King's Buildings,
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ.

Tel: 0131 650 6431
Fax: 0131 650 6553


Master Class 1997-1998 on Spatio-Temporal Patterns

This is a 1-year course run by the mathematics departments of the universities of Groningen, Nijmegen, Twente and Utrecht. For more details read the article in this issue of UK Nonlinear News.

University of Michigan

Graduate Certificate in Complex Systems

This interdisciplinary curriculum, leading to a graduate certificate in complex systems, introduces students to the ideas and methods used in the study of complex, nonlinear and adaptive systems. The specific aim of this curriculum is to allow students from different fields to integrate the rich paradigms and useful analytic and modeling techniques of complex systems into their own research.

Additional details are available at

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