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The Center for Dynamical Systems at the Mathematics Department, Pennsylvania State University

By Gene Wayne

In order to reinforce and stimulate the increasing activity in dynamical systems and related areas at Penn State, the Mathematics Department has established a Center for Dynamical Systems. We hope that this Center will become a focal point for the exchange and development of ideas related to dynamical systems within the world-wide dynamics community.

The Center will begin its full operations in the Fall semester of 1997. A formal inauguration of the center will take place at the eighth Penn State meeting of the Semi-annual Workshop in Dynamical systems and related topics on October 22-26, 1997.

The Center will invite distinguished visitors to present lecture series that will include both talks of a specialised nature and expositions of important ideas in dynamics for a more general audience. The principal mode of operation of the Center will be visits by mathematicians for periods of varying length (from several days to several months) to conduct research and to exchange ideas with Penn State faculty and graduate students.

Limited funds are available to support mathematicians who are intertested in spending a part of their sabbatical leave or post-doctoral training at the Center.

Young mathematicians, including advanced graduate students and recent Ph.D's, are particularly welcome at the Center

Mathematicians visiting Penn State receiving a support from the Center will be appointed Visiting members of the Center. Visitors with other sources of support and whose research interests overlap with those represented by the Center will also be appointed as its Visiting members.

Mathematicians interested in visiting the center should contact its director or any member of the Steering committee either by e-mail or in writing.

The fall meetings of the Semi-annual Workshop in Dynamical systems and related topics jointly sponsored with the University of Maryland will continue under the auspices of the Center.

The Dynamical systems center will maintain a web page (URL http//, which will become operational in the near future. It will announce the Center activities as well as contain lists of current and future visiting members of the Center.

It will also be a goal of the Center to strengthen the interactions between mathematicians working in the field of dynamical systems and faculty in other departments with an interest in dynamics. In order to foster such interactions, the Center plans to establish an Interdisciplinary Seminar in Nonlinear Dynamics which will feature speakers (both Penn State faculty members and visitors) from engineering, economics, science and other allied disciplines.

The Center sees the training of students as an important part of its mission. In addition to the benefits that Penn State students will receive from their exposure to the general program of the Center, we plan to organise occasional workshops and summer schools aimed specifically at graduate students, both from Penn State and elsewhere.

Dr. Anatole Katok, Raymond N. Shibley Professor of Mathematics (, serves as the Director of the Center and the Center's Steering Committee includes the following Penn State faculty members:

Ms. Rosemary Manning ( serves as the secretary for the Center.

The principal funding of the Center's activities is provided by the Mathematics Department of the Pennsylvania State University and by Raymond N. Shibley Science endowment. Additional funding will be provided by Edward Shapiro fund and by various NSF grants.

Gene Wayne (

Source: Dynamics Notes, Volume 1997, Number 1, March 1997.

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