UK Nonlinear News , May 1997.

Backlog of Applied Mathematics Research Journals

By Sakse Oerstavik

Here we present a backlog report for a broad range of journals of interest to the nonlinear dynamics/applied mathematics community. Backlog can be defined as the time from when the editors receive an article until the article is published. All the data in this article has been gathered using information freely available in the local library, i.e. the latest available edition of the various journals. Some additional data (marked *) have been taken from a similar report in `Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 44, Number 4, April 1997' which focused on more `pure' mathematics journals.

Notes: Waiting times are given as averages in months. Two waiting times are reported. The first is the time from when the article was first received by the editors until publication. The second is the time from when the final revision was received or the manuscript was accepted until publication. A - denotes that no information was available. When the latest edition was a special issue, we used a previous issue. Lastly, if your journals do not appear here, email us; we can add them in a future report.

JournalApprox. pages # IssuesWaiting time from Waiting time from
per year per yearfirst receivedfinal/accepted
Appl.Math.Lett.*800 6-10
Chaos640 4103
Chaos Sol.Fract.2600 12-6
Comm.Math.Phys.*5844 23-10
Comm.Partial.Diff.Eq.*2100 6-4
Comp.Math.Appl*3200 24-7
Dyn.Stab.Syst.400 4105
Ecology2600 8179
Erg.Theory.Dyn.Syst.1350 63126
Europhys.Lett.2800 3662
IMA J.Appl.Math.624 61210
Int.J.Bif.Chaos1850 12129
J.Anim.Ecol.800 6126
J.Atmos.Sci.4000 24167
J.Complexity*500 4-5
J.Diff.Eq.4000 18178
J.Fluid Mech.9600 24166
J.Lond.Math.Soc.*1248 6-23
J.Math.Biol.*960 8-15
J.R.Stat.Soc.B800 42710
J.Sound.Vibr.680 50217
Math.Biosci.*1500 16-7
Math.Comp.Mod.2900 2484
Network:Comp.Neur.Syst.400 486
Neural Networks1500 92112
Nonlinear Anal.*3500 24-18
Nonlinearity1500 6157
Phil.Trans.R.Soc.Lond.B1800 12107
Physica D5000 24159
Phys.Rev.E (rapid comm.)14000 124-
Phys.Rev.E (articles)14000 126-
Phys.Rev.Lett.10500 5265
Phys.Lett.A5500 7864
Proc.Lond.Math.Soc.*1440 6-14
Proc.R.Soc.Lond.A2500 12149
Progr.Theor.Phys.1300 124-
SIAM J.Appl.Math.*1800 6-14
SIAM Rev.*680 4-17
Trans.Amer.Math.Soc.*5000 12-17

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