UK Nonlinear News, October 1996

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City, London: Maths

PhD Research Studentship

Pattern Formation in Nonlinear Physical Systems

Applications are invited for a Research Studentship funded by the Applied Nonlinear Mathematics Programme of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The studentship will be based in the Department of Mathematics and will involve work on a project concerned with pattern formation in nonlinear physical systems, to be supervised by Professor Peter Daniels and Dr Anne Skeldon in the
Mathematics Department and Professor Michael Collins in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics.

A maintenance allowance is available at a rate of GBP 7,070 per annum (subject to annual review) and funds are available to cover full-time postgraduate fees at the home student rate. The position is intended for a student wishing to study for the degree of PhD and is for three years from 1 November 1996 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Applicants must satisfy the usual EPSRC eligibility criteria for research studentships and should have a good honours degree in mathematics or a closely related subject.

For further information and an application form please contact:

Professor Peter Daniels
Department of Mathematics
City University
Northampton Square
London EC1V OHB
Tel: 0171 477 8450, Fax: 0171 477 8597

Cranfield: IERC

PhD Research Studentship

Complex systems approach to technological innovation, change and strategy
ESRC Collaborative Award with British Telecom

Applications are invited from mathematically literate scientists and social scientists with good honours degrees are invited to apply for an ESRC (Joint Panel) CASE Research Studentship with BT, in the International Ecotechnology Research Centre at Cranfield University.

Project Outline

The project will first require a study of the complex systems approach, involving such topics as: non-linear dynamics, self-organizing systems, co-evoution models, etc. There will also be a study of the possible structures of the future information industry involving many different players. This will lead to an investigation of the possible evolution of the industry in terms of the possible entry of new players, and the conception of new products and services. A study will also include the possible impact of various regulatory frameworks on this evolution.

The project will then involve the adaptation of an existing dynamic, complex systems competition model representing changing market structure, exploring the impact of new products and companies, and pricing principles both for products and between players within value chains. This will allow an investigation of possible future pathways indicated, and an analysis of these and the effects on market structure. There should also be a reflection concerning the use of the complex systems appraoch in studying ma rket evolution, and the difficulties and shortcomings encountered as well as the advances with respect to previous approaches.

The subject is of great relevance to BT which is, of course, a major player in a fast evolving market, an evolution resulting from both rapid technological advances and major changes in the industry in which it operates. A model of the kind envisaged in t his project would be of great use in establishing strategic options and responses to the many possible opportunities.

For further information, including an application form, contact Mrs. Maureen Mahoney, International Ecotechnology Research Centre, Cranfield University, Bedford, MK43 OAL. Tel (01234) 754097 Fax (01234) 750163

Cranfield is an exempt charity offering a centre of excellence for research and education.

Keele: Maths

EPSRC PhD Studentship

Boundary-Layer Transition

An EPSRC project studentship is available for research into the boundary layer that forms close to the surface of a streamlined body moving through a fluid at high speed (e.g. aeroplane wing). The flow is known to become unstable and complicated nonlinear motion is observed in experiments. This project involves obtaining numerical solutions to simplified models for the evolution of disturbances to the boundary-layer and developing new analytical models for the nonlinear dynamics and transition to turbulence.

The project will be taken up in the Mathematics Department at Keele University and will be supervised by Dr Jonathan Healey. It is tenable from 1 October 1996 or from any other convenient starting date up to 1 October 1997.

Further details are available from

Dr Jonathan Healey (


Professor Graham Wilks (
Tel: (01782) 583256

Leeds: Maths/Fuel & Energy

PhD studentship

Theory of Ignition of Catalytic Combustion Devices

Applications are invited for a PhD Studentship on a project funded by EPSRC on catalytic combustion. The aim of the project is to apply the principles of non-linear mathematics to the transient behaviour of catalytic combustion devices. The student would use stability and bifurcation theory to analyse the highly non-linear combustion equation. The successful applicant would be under the joint supervision of Prof. J. Brindley (
Applied Maths) and Dr. A.C. McIntosh (Fuel and Energy).

For further particulars and an application form, please contact:

Dr M.J. Wilson,
Department of Applied Mathematical Studies,
The University of Leeds, LEEDS LS2 9JT, tel: 0113 233 5148,

Informal enquiries to Prof. Brindley,
tel 0113 233 5134

The University of Leeds promotes an Equal Opportunities Policy.

Source: THe Guardian, Tuesday October 1st 1996

Southampton: Maths/ISVR

EPSRC PhD studentship

"Theory and control of impact oscillators"

An EPSRC project studentship is available for research in the mathematical theory and experimental aspects of control of impact oscillators. The project will be jointly supervised by Dr David Chillingworth in the Department of Mathematics and Professor Joe Hammond in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton.

This studentship is funded from the Applied Nonlinear Mathematics Programme of the EPSRC, and is tenable from 1 October 1996 or from any other convenient starting date up to 1 October 1997.

Further details are available from

Dr Chillingworth (
tel 01703 593677 (messages 593612)

Prof Hammond (
tel 01703 593467

Surrey: Maths

EPSRC PhD Project studentship

"Synchronisation of coupled systems"

A three-year PhD studentship has become re-available at the Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, University of Surrey. It aims to look at mathematical and physical aspects of synchronisation in coupled systems, especially systems that are chaotic when uncoupled. Working with Prof Roy's experimental laser physics group at Georgia Tech., Atlanta, USA ( the project will examine mathematical models and time series analysis methods with applications to synchronisation of coupled lasers.

The project involves mathematical modelling and prediction using techniques from symmetric nonlinear dynamics, with application to data from coupled laser experiments. There will be close collaboration with and visits to the Atlanta group. For more information see our web page:

The terms of the studentship are the same as for standard EPSRC studentships and are open to UK or EU citizens (fees only are paid in the latter case); it is available from now. Any enquiries and applications (in the form of a CV including the names of two referees) should be addressed to:

	Dr P. Ashwin, 
	Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
	University of Surrey
	Guildford GU2 5XH, United Kingdom
Tel: 	01483-259000 extn 2634, Fax: 	01483-259385

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