UK Nonlinear News, October 1996


Vector Time-Series from Fluids: New Ultrasound Instrument

Dr Greg King recently attended the 1st International Symposium on Ultrasound Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering. This was organized by Y. Takeda, and held at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.

He writes that:
"Many of the results presented at this meeting used a new instrument, available commercially, which under suitable conditions measures a vector time series (the velocity at 128 spatial positions). Suitable fluids include opaque fluids (magnetic fluids, liquid metals, chocolate, blood).

"The cost of this instrument is currently only about 30,000 pounds. It will change the type of systems which experimenters will investigate. In particular increased activity in flows of a magnetic fluid (e.g. ferrofluid) and liquid metals is expected."

For more information contact Dr King at

1997 ANM Spring School

1997 Applied Nonlinear Mathematics Spring School will be held at Loughborough University, from 14-18 April 1997.

For a description, see the listing in the Events and Conferences section of this UK Nonlinear News.

Special Year on Numerical Manifolds

Cambridge Numerical Analysis Group and the Nonlinear Centre in DAMTP are expecting a number of visitors in the forthcoming academical year with an interest in numerical methods for differential equations on manifolds. Combined with the ongoing work in Cambridge on this subject, the outcome will be a (highly informal) special year on numerical manifolds. A range of activities is planned,including seminars, informal gatherings and perhaps a one-two day meeting in Spring 97.

More information is available at, or for further details contact Antonella Zanna (

Crafoord Prize for Robert May

The Royal Swedish Acadamcy of Sciences has announced that its 1996 Crafoord Prize in the biosciences, with particular emphasis on ecology, has been awarded to Sir Robert M. May of Oxford University. May was cited for "his pionerring ecological research concerning theoretical analysis of the dynamics of populations, communities and ecosystems." The Crafoord Prize, which carries a value of $ 500,000 was to be presented at the Academy in Stockholm on September 19th, 1996.

Source: Notices of the American Mathematical Society, September 1996 (Vol 43, Number 9). The article also includes a two page biography of Robert May.


Do you know this Dynamical System ?

The set of ODE's that came out of a recent study of self-exciting dynamos (Hide, Skeldon & Acheson, 1996 Proc. Roy. Soc. A452, 1369-1395) is the following:
      dx/dt = x(y-1) - bz, 
      dy/dt = a(1-xx) - ky, 
      dz/dt = x - lz.
Here (x, y, z) are functions of dimensionless time t and (a,b,k,l) are parameters.Have they been studied previously in other contexts?

If so, please contact:
R. Hide

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