UK Nonlinear News, October 1996

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UKC, Canterbury

Lecturer in Statistics

Subject to the usual formalities, the
Nonlinear Time Series Group at the University of Kent will be receiving a major research grant from the Royal Bank of Scotland to work on a project entitled Risk Management. The package, worth about 200,000 pounds in total over three years, will involve seconding one of their team members, Dr. Bing Cheng, to the Bank and they'll shortly be looking for replacement lecture(s) over a 3 to 4-year period. We intend to adopt a flexible approach and initial enquiries are invited from those who are (i) young and promising researchers, (ii) interested in a teaching-only post or (iii) interested in spending their leaves of absence at Kent with emolument in exchange for teaching involvement. We are open to other suggestions and recommendations. All areas of statistics will be considered. For item (i), some preference will be given to specialists in the following areas: time series analysis, spatio-temporal modelling and stochastic dynamical systems.

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