UK Nonlinear News, October 1996

Academic News

Royal Society Research Followship for Jonathan Kobine

Jonathan Kobine, currently in the Nonlinear Systems group at Oxford, has been appointed to a Royal Society University Research Fellowship from October 1, 1996 in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. He will be establishing a programme of research into spatial and dynamical processes in nonlinear fluid flows.

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Raymond Hide elected to Pontifical Academy of Sciences

Raymond Hide of the Department of Physics, Oxford University, has been elected to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.Founded in 1603, the Academy is now an international and self-governing body with a total of about eighty members chosen on the basis of their contributions to scientific knowledge without religious or ethnical discrimination.

Manuel Morillo visiting Lancaster

Prof Manuel Morillo (University of Seville) will be visiting the School of Physics & Chemistry at Lancaster University for a month from 1 October, funded by the EC. He is working on the control of tunnelling processes and the prehistory of large occasional fluctuations in nonlinear systems.

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Visitors to the Nonlinear Centre in Cambridge

The following will be visiting the Nonlinear Centre:

Swan Kim (POSTECH, Korea) until 28 Feb 97
Dirk Hennig (Berlin) 10-17 Oct 96
Yunping Jiang (Queen's College, CUNY, USA) 17 Oct 96 - 14 Jan 97
Bernard Schmitt (Dijon, France) 10-13 Nov 96
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