UK Nonlinear News, October 1996

Nonlinear Dynamics and Spectra of Molecules

A Workshop at the Mathematics Research Centre, University of Warwick

Tuesday 18th - Friday 21st March 1997

The workshop will review recent work on the nonlinear classical and semi-classical mechanics of symmetric systems and their applications to the dynamics and spectra of molecules and atoms. Major themes will include: Particular emphasis will be placed on exploring possible applications of of recent theoretical developments and on discussing problems for which new theoretical work is needed.

Participants are expected to include:

	M.S. Child	(Oxford)	J.B. Delos	(William & Mary)
	G.S. Ezra	(Cornell)	S.C. Farantos	(Heraklion)
	N.C. Handy	(Cambridge)	E. Heller	(Harvard)
	J.S.W. Lamb	(Warwick)	A.D. Lewis	(Warwick)
	L. Michel	(IHES)		J.A. Montaldi	(Nice)
	R. Prosmiti	(UCL)		R.M. Roberts	(Warwick)
	D.A. Sadovskii	(U du Littoral)	B.T. Sutcliffe	(York)	
	J. Tennyson	(UCL)		B. Zhilinskii	(U du Littoral)
The workshop is being organized by Mark Roberts and Jonathan Tennyson. Further details about programme will be circulated later this year.

To be included in the mailing list, potential participants should contact either:
Elaine Greaves or Peta McAllister
Mathematics Research Centre
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK
e-mail: elaine or

Partially supported by the London Mathematical Society and the EPSRC CCP6 on Heavy Particle Dynamics.

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