UK Nonlinear News Issue 56, Sep 2009


  • Jaroslav Stark has decided to step down from being editor of UK Nonlinear News, due to ill health. We wish him a speedy and full recovery.


  • The Department of Mathematics at the University of Portsmouth has a fast-growing Nonlinear and Complex Systems Group and has recently appointed three new permanent members of staff in this area:
    1. Jan Sieber Continuation for experiments; Dynamics of delay-differential equations; Dynamics of piecewise smooth systems; Nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers; Numerics of differential-algebraic equations.
    2. Sergi Simon: Integrability and non-integrability in Hamiltonian systems from an algebraic viewpoint, with special emphasis on models derived from Applied Mathematics and Physics - notably N-Body Problems and other systems arising from Celestial Mechanics.
    3. Dirk Hennig: Nonlinear and stochastic dynamics with application to biophysical problems and neurobiology; Analytical and numerical methods for the treatment of networks of coupled nonlinear oscillators and Langevin systems.
    These join existing staff in the Group: Andrew Osbaldestin and Andrew Burbanks
    In addition, a 2-year temporary position (see elsewhere in this issue) is currently being advertised.


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