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Interdisciplinary Working Group on Nonlinear Processes

Peter Read (Dept. of Physics), University of Oxford) has been elected Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics within the European Geophysical Society. This group is concerned with the promotion of awareness and activity in the application of the nonlinear sciences in all areas of geophysics and Earth Sciences throughout Europe. It coordinates the organisation of various sessions within the annual General Assembly of the EGS (next April it meets in Vienna), as well as other occasional meetings, and promotes a relatively new journal, published by the Society itself, called `Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics'.

Peter would be happy to hear from anyone interested in the application of nonlinear ideas to all aspects of Earth sciences in the UK, and can provide further information on the EGS and its activities. Ideas for new activities and initiatives are also very welcome.

Peter L Read
Atmospheric, Oceanic & Planetary Physics,
Clarendon Laboratory,
Parks Road,


Mark Dykman visits the UK

Prof Mark Dykman (ex-Kiev, ex-Stanford, now at Michigan State University) will be visiting the UK from 8 July to 9 August 1996. He will be based in Lancaster, but will also be visiting (at least) Royal Holloway, Oxford, Cambridge.

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Fourth SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems: Call For Papers

The call for papers is now on the Web for the Snowbird meeting next May:

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UK Nonlinear News seeks Columnists!

Write a column for UK-NLN

Are you interested in writing a regular quarterly column for UK Nonlinear News? We would like to set up a team of special correspondents, each reporting back on one of the farflung corners of the nonlinear world.

So please contact the editors (, if there is a particular area that you could cover for us each quarter with a book review, or a conference report, or an interview, or a look at some aspect of the state of the art.

Interesting possiblities could be particular application areas, such as Biological Systems, or Engineering Applications, and what the nonlinear news is from them; or particular theoretical areas, such as work in High Dimensions, or Dynamics And Numerical Analysis; but if you could write a regular "Letter from Astrophysics", or whatever, please let us (and our 700+ subscribers!) know.

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